Try a Dry Cut and End Bad Hair Days

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How many times have you loved a hair cut only to be disappointed when you try to do it yourself?

Try a Dry Cut and End Bad Hair Days

We recently featured the wonderful Renewal Makeover that one lucky Tomato won.  It included a fabulous hair cut by Yuseff Smythe at the Marie Bove Salon in New York City.  He only does dry cuts and the Head Tomato was so impressed she booked an appointment with him to have her hair done.  She loves the results.  So here are some of the benefits of a dry cut versus a wet cut.

Yuseff has been doing dry cuts for years.  And when we asked him why wet cuts are still so prevalent, he said because it’s quicker and most salons want to move clients in and out quickly.

Try a Dry Cut and End Bad Hair Days

Yuseff Smythe gets ready to do his magic on Cheryl Benton’s (the head tomato) hair.

Yuseff starts by using a flat iron to completely straighten your dry hair.  Then the magic happens.   He literally spent an hour clipping, shaping and cutting.  Then the hair is washed and styled.  He styles the hair with a dryer starting at the top and sides, and  then puts a few old fashioned pin curls in which cools the hair down and gives volume.  Then he blow dries it out again.  And voila. The results speak for themselves. And PS, it’s been two weeks and the head tomato is very happy with the results when she does her hair herself.

Try a Dry Cut and End Bad Hair Days

Here’s the beautiful cut. And while Yuseff did not do the color (this time) look how the cut enhances the color and highlights.

Here are a few benefits that many stylists who use the dry cut method cite:

You’ll get a hair cut that will look great when you style it yourself. How many times have you loved a haircut in the salon, but are disappointed with the results when you’re on your own?  Well with a dry cut, the stylist sees how your hair behaves and naturally falls.  Wet hair changes the density and the length of your hair.  But a dry cut takes the guesswork out of how your hair looks in everyday life.

The Cut Can Enhance Your Color.  Especially if you have highlights, the stylist can see them and cut your hair so that they are enhanced.

Length.  Wet hair appears longer then when you hair is dry which is why we often leave a salon with a little too much cut off.

Bottom line a wet cut versus a dry cut is the difference between a dress on the rack and a dress designed and fitted for you.

Our advice? Ask your current salon is they do dry cuts, or shop around.



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