Test Your Beauty IQ: Foundations

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Test Your Beauty IQ: Foundations,makeup foundations, makeup tips, the three tomatoes

Today’s Makeup Q&A will give you the answers to questions like the best way to apply foundation, when to get rid of the sponges, and more questions that will keep you looking flawless.

Question : How often should make up sponges be replaced? 

Answer: For better Hygiene and performance, wash sponges after each use in mild soapy water. Rinse well and air dry thoroughly. Replace when they begin to loose shape and resilience or smell moldy. Many make up artists use multi packs and dispose of sponges after each use.

Question : What goes on first, concealer or foundation?

Answer: Choose a concealer that closely matches your skin tone and apply it by dotting on trouble spots before your foundation. Blend well.

Question : What should I use to apply foundation? How should it be applied?

Answer: For a professional look, use a firm Wedge shaped sponge. begin by applying a small amount of foundation to the centre area of your face, then blend outwards towards the hairline. Blend so that the foundation disappears at the hairline and under the chin. When possible, apply foundation in natural light.

Question: My skin is dry. Should I use moisturizer under my foundation?

Answer:  Yes. People with dry, normal, combination and even oily skin should always use moisturizer for their skin type under foundation. Moisturizers not only keep skin soft and smooth, but also help foundation blend easier and adhere to the skin.

Question: How can I avoid a foundation line between my face and neck?

Answer: To avoid creating a makeup “mask” be sure to choose a color that closely matches your skin tone. Apply foundation in natural light and don’t use more than necessary. Use a  firm wedge-shaped sponge to blend the line of demarcation until it disappears.

Question:  How often should foundation be replaced to guard against contamination? 

Answer:  Foundations generally last for two to three years and do best when stored out of sunlight and in a cool location. Oil-based foundations tend to separate over time; water based foundations tend to evaporate. Discard products whose color or texture has changed. To prevent contamination, use a disposable foundation spatula with foundations that come in a bottle or jar.

Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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