Category: LA Poetess

Hear ye, Hear ye! It is with great pleasure that we welcome the esteemed Lady Penelope to the LA Life Three Tomatoes Newsletter as our very own “LA Life Poetess”. Penny Peyser, the supremely talented and experienced actress (film, tv & theatre), published writer and award-winning documentary filmmaker, will be gracing us with her charming and delightfully funny portrayal of the eccentric Lady Penelope performing “Sonnets from Suburbia”. Penny has always been a fan of Shakespeare, rhyming verse and having fun with words and her alter ego, Lady Penelope, allows her to do all three. You will love her witty, insightful, and brilliantly written Shakespearean sonnets explaining modern day life for women. Ranging from; issues needing tissues, the fam-damnily, the foibles of friendship, marital mishaps, love or lack of, the everyday and one of her faves – the grim reaper. Yes, Lady Penelope can drift to the dark side but mostly she’s here to amuse! Lady Penelope with her unique take on life and the rhyme and rhythm of her “Sonnets from Suburbia” will make your life much sweeter, Tomatoes.