The Renewal Makeover

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Our Renewal Summit Makeover Reveal was a huge success.  Our lucky makeover contest winner, Tracey Lawless, was treated to the expertise of rock star artists in their field –  Gabrielle Carlson, clothing designer, Yuseff Smyth, hair stylist and makeup artist, and Camille Hautefort co-founder of one of the hottest new jewelry brands.  They are not just designers Tomatoes, they are visionary artists extraordinaire. Tracey, our winner, was a great sport during the makeover process and we think she looks so beautiful.

The Renewal Makeover

Tracey’s makeover is revealed by Debbie Zipp, The Three Tomatoes LA Life editor. Photo: Jan Goldstoff

Our brilliant Makeover Team enhanced her natural spirit with very flattering clothing, jewelry, makeup and hair so her special inner glow could shine through.

The Renewal Makeover

The Makeover Team: Yusseff Smyth, Camille Hautefort, Gabrielle Carlson. Photo: Jan Goldstoff

Watch the video transformation.

Gabrielle Carlson, the makeover clothing designer is a love and loves the female spirit.  You must visit her shop in you live in, or visit, New York City.  Gab possesses super powers when it comes to dressing women with elegant clothing that flatters a woman’s natural beauty no matter their size or age.  Her luscious, flowing and vibrant pieces are timeless.

Yuseff Smyth, makeup, hair stylist and image maker is so cool gals. Yuseff is a highly sought-after stylist whose clients have included celebrities Grace Slick, David Bowie, Madonna, Robert DeNiro to name just a few.  Expressing the individual is central to everything Yuseff does. And you can tell.

You will find Yuseff at the Marie Bove Salon, where you will be greeted with the heavenly scents of blooms and the sight of gorgeous flowers as you enter. You immediately sense that you are in a safe, nurturing, lovely and very special salon. The unique space in NYC’s Flatiron combines the elements of nature with a luxurious and personal beauty experience.

ARTICLE 22 Jewelry is a marvel.  It is jewelry with a good cause that turns a negative into a positive and has captured the attention of many celebs such as Emma Watson. Their first collection, PEACEBOMB, is handcrafted in Laos from Vietnam shrapnel. Transforming weapons into jewelry while also making the land safe and giving artisans new metal to work with.

Camille Hautefort, Article 22’s co-founder, is a force from Paris who settled in NY in 2006. The passion she feels for the jewelry line and the mission behind it is palpable.  The jewelry is simply stunning, and many Tomatoes purchased her beautiful pieces.


Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

MakeUp, Skin and Hair Tips

Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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