The Magic of Winemaking and a Better Grappa

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Article courtesy of Vic Raimo, VE Raimos Brands

The Magic of Winemaking and a Better Grappa, grappa, italian wines, the three tomatoes

Well, here we are headlong into autumn racing towards mid October and the various fall festival activities in the area. Here in Ocean County, NJ we look forward to the Cranberry Festival in Tabernacle, NJ- lots of stuff from foods to antiques to things you probably don’t need but buy anyway. I’m sure you have similar in your areas.

The grapes have all been harvested in Italy. The process began late August and ended a short time ago. The winemakers have pressed the grapes, initiated primary fermentation, filtered some of the particulates ( which by the way give the flavor, color, taste to the wines) and have carted off the grape skins to the distilleries where all that will be transformed into Grappa.   Yes, that awful tasting drink that smells like diesel fuel, kicks like a wagon-train mule, and yet ends up in espresso coffees all over the Peninsula. There is a movement by the distilleries to change the image of Grappa- making it from Merlot grapes, or others and trying to give it a brandy-like quality. I hope they are successful, it’s a long shot.

The activity at the vineyards is more focused on the magic of winemaking, did we harvest the grapes too soon? Had they stayed on the vine another week would we have a seen a larger volume of grapes and juicier ones at that? Who knows?

Don you sorcerer’s  cape and pointed hat, grab the wand, all you wine makers and transform that noble fruit to the beautiful wines we enjoy.

victorraimo alex milesi, milesi giovanni vineyards, the three tomnatoes

Vic Raimos  with Alex Milesi of Milesi Giovanni Vineyards- Cellatica, Lombardy in the Franciacorte wine region He is the 5th generation of Milesi producing wines.  Note the soft rolling hills of the vineyards. Each hill and growing area is in its own micro climate. Very important for the Lombardy region.


vic raimo, vic raimo brands, italian wines, the three tomatoesVic Raimo, owner of V.E.Raimo.Brands LLC, is an importer of Italian boutique wines. As a  young boy, born in America, Vic was raised with the ideals and customs from both sides of the Atlantic. Growing up he came to appreciate the value and quality of product made with pride.  His artisan mindset, an appreciation for ‘the not massed produced’ has led him to seek out small to medium size vineyards each renown in their respective region for quality and price; yet unknown to the US and Global market place. It is these ‘gems’ that compromise their client list: an ever growing one.  Their products are not for every table but for those who appreciate the artisan quality.  Learn more.

If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

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If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

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