Wine Ratings – What You Should Know

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Article Courtesy of Vic Raimo, VE Raimo Brands

Wine Ratings – What You Should Know, ve raimo brands, the three tomatoes

Let me begin by first thanking The Three Tomatoes for extending this opportunity to share with you some thoughts on wine.  Hopefully it will be informational, humorous, thought provoking but all in all will make you better wine enthusiasts.

It was said by a late chef that ‘wine is a food”.  It is meant to be enjoyed with a meal and with the company of family, good friends, happy occasions. I firmly believe that. It has been my guidepost from the start.

When I go home to Italy my friends and I engage in our ‘ritual’ We select a small family run restaurant in the mountains for a rustic dinner with good wine and lots of laughs and conversation. We even sing some songs in the Ligurian dilect. That’s what it’s all about.

Unfortunately while America is developing its ‘wine palate’ many in the field have taken to creating an aristocracy. Simply stated- “we know wines and you don’t “mentality.  OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! I say, wine was never meant to be the subject of snobbery or elitism.

Robert Parker- a respected pillar of the wine world has, as you know a rating system, from 0-100 (although wines should rate no less than 80 to be considered good). My master sommelier Marco Avigo has created his own rating system- coming soon to social media.

Here is the point- and Mr. Parker, to his credit, makes it clear in his reviews that ratings are just the opinion of one person. You may like a wine that someone else does not like. Just because they may have some schooled in the field does not make their opinion any better than yours.

Ratings as guide for wine selection? Sure, but don’t forget other factors too.  Don’t be fooled by price. An expensive wine does not equate to better quality.

Postcards from the Vineyards

victor raimo alex milesi, Wine Ratings – What You Should Know, the three tomatoes

Vic Raimos  with Alex Milesi of Milesi Giovanni Vineyards– Cellatica, Lombardy in the Franciacorte wine region He is the 5th generation of Milesi producing wines.  Note the soft rolling hills of the vineyards. Each hill and growing area is in its own micro climate. Very important for the Lombardy region.

Wine Ratings – What You Should Know,sancio vineyards italy, italian white wines, ve raimo brands, the three tomatoes

Contrast the rolling hills in Lombardy with the Sancio vineyards in Liguria where they have to adopt ‘ terrace farming’ because the mountains go right to the sea- its where the maritime Alps get their start.


vic raimo, vic raimo brands, italian wines, the three tomatoesVic Raimo, owner of V.E.Raimo.Brands LLC, is an importer of Italian boutique wines. As a  young boy, born in America, Vic was raised with the ideals and customs from both sides of the Atlantic. Growing up he came to appreciate the value and quality of product made with pride.  His artisan mindset, an appreciation for ‘the not massed produced’ has led him to seek out small to medium size vineyards each renown in their respective region for quality and price; yet unknown to the US and Global market place. It is these ‘gems’ that compromise their client list: an ever growing one.  Their products are not for every table but for those who appreciate the artisan quality.  Learn more.


If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

Wine Lovers

If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

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  1. Mary Rose S says:

    Thank you for the article. I do agree with you price does not equate to better quality.
    My job has changed and now I need to buy wines on a budget. Given this can you recommend wines to me. I like bold reds and whites I am not a fan of mineral or acidic. One day I want to study wines — so I enjoy trying different wines.

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