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Article Courtesy of Vic Raimo, VE Raimo Brands

Hello, I’m Vic Raimo, owner of V.E.Raimo Brands LLC. We are federally licenses wine importers and wholesalers representing primarily Italian wines.

By way of background, I was born and educated in the USA but raised partly in Italy (in the Italian Riviera region, Savona Province) and partly in the NY Metro area.

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Coming around the bend on the Via Aurelia from Savona to Spotorno is the view that always takes my breath away- I know I’m home when I get to this point.

In my day- and I’m perhaps giving away my age-the American ‘table’ consisted of red meat, white bread, butter, whiskey or other caramel colored alcohols and beer. Wine was something someone’s Nonno Mario made in a cellar, was always red, came in gallon glass jugs and tasted somewhere between rocket propulsion fuel and wasp spray. BUT, it was always made from grapes, never adulterated and drinking it was a rite of passage.

Thankfully today we have embraced the Mediterranean ‘ table’ – fruits, vegetables, olive oil, chicken, fish, salads AND wine.

Let me say right up front that I am not here to use this site to promote or sell wines in my portfolio. I am certain you will have the chance to try them at upcoming events. I am just as quick to criticize my products as I am to praise others. The idea is to enjoy wine not to inflate egos.

It came to my attention that people were returning from vacations in Italy with similar reactions – they enjoyed a particular type of wine(s) but found them unavailable in the USA. I created my company to address that void.

My parameters are simple- I seek out family run generational vineyards, where grapes are growing by the family on their land and not just bought at a commercial grape market. These wines are noted in their particular regions but unknown in the USA. Why they are unknown- reason of language, culture, government regulations, and resources- not everyone can have a sales staff 6,000 miles away. Many have won prestigious awards in Italy, the USA and in Europe.

The vineyards are all small to medium production operations, some as little as 1,000 bottles/ year. These are not factory operations. Unlike an automobile plant where you start with noting, assemble outsources parts and at the end of the production line you have a lovely vehicle my producers conduct each part of the process themselves, hiring outside help only when required, for such tasks as harvest, pruning etc.

Similarly, I do not only represent my client vineyards- I go to Italy to work the fields, plant new vines, repair tractors and work at every level .I can assure quality because of my level or participation.

My goal in all of this is to share with you my experiences to broaden your knowledge and appreciation of wine and the work that goes into making each bottle.


vic raimo, vic raimo brands, italian wines, the three tomatoesVic Raimo, owner of V.E.Raimo.Brands LLC, is an importer of Italian boutique wines. As a  young boy, born in America, Vic was raised with the ideals and customs from both sides of the Atlantic. Growing up he came to appreciate the value and quality of product made with pride.  His artisan mindset, an appreciation for ‘the not massed produced’ has led him to seek out small to medium size vineyards each renown in their respective region for quality and price; yet unknown to the US and Global market place. It is these ‘gems’ that compromise their client list: an ever growing one.  Their products are not for every table but for those who appreciate the artisan quality.  Learn more.


If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

Wine Lovers

If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

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