Strike up the Band: The Perfect Bra Fit

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By Susan Sitarz, owner A Private Affair of Sherman Oaks

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How do you get the perfect bra fit? It starts with your bra brand.

Your bra band should be positioned where the green doted lined is.

Many women rely on their shoulder straps rather than their bra-band to try and anchor their bras.

This is So Wrong!! Only 10% of the bra’s support should come from the straps. The rest, and real support, comes from the band which should fit snugly around your ribcage.

Where your bra sits on your body is a very important factor in giving you the lift you need.

When you position your back band correctly by pulling it down level across the narrow part of your back beneath your shoulder blades, your bra will feel more comfortable and give better lift.

The straps should be used as stabilizers. They help the bra stay positioned on the body and adjust to your movements throughout the day.

In our quest for comfort oftentimes ladies wear their bras too loose in the band. If too loose, the band rides up your back and the cups sag downward and support goes out the window.

One more time remember this: Keep your back-band level and snug on your body. As a result your breasts will be lifted and their weight will no longer add stress to your shoulders.

There are still plenty of problems of the world to weigh them down, your bras need not be one of them.

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A Private Affair of Sherman Oaks is a unique little bra shop tucked away in the heart of Sherman Oaks, CA. Susan Sitarz is the owner and Anne Hershon came in as a customer and never left. Between them they have over 20 years’ experience fitting all types of women in all types of bras. They have learned the fine art of combining comfort and lift with the goal of having every woman leave the shop looking 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger. A good time is had by all!


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