Tall Boots for Wide Calves

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Discover where to buy—or how to fix—knee-high boots if you have wide calves

By Woman’s Day Staff from Woman’s Day 

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If you have trouble finding boots that fit because your calves are muscular, you’re not alone. Luckily there are a few solutions. If you’re sick of struggling to get boots zipped, use one of these three resources to find a better fit.  Yes, you can get tall boots for wide calves!

  1. Go to WideWidths.com. This site works directly with footwear brands like Naturalizer and David Tate to create exclusive styles that accommodate fuller calves. Also, check out plus-size retailers like Torrid and Silhouettes, which often feature roomier styles that are available online only.
  1. Pick up the Boot Band. This clever leather insert, shaped like an inverted triangle, zips right into any pair of tall boots to extend the calf and ankle width. It comes in brown, black and a variety of fun patterns like zebra stripe. ($75; BootBand.com)
  1. Talk to your shoe repair person. For around $10, he can stretch your boots so they’ll slip on with ease. If you plan to wear yours over jeans, just make sure to wear denim when trying on the newly stretched boots to ensure they fit properly.


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