So Many Scarves, So Little Time

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So Many Scarves, So Little Time, lilly & lionel scarf, style tips, the three tomatoes

By Lorraine Russo

Some of the most beautiful scarves I’ve seen are by Lily and Lionel. These scarves are all about the big reveal: as you unfold your scarf, the colors expand into a striking scene. In combinations of cashmere and modal, and wool and silk, they feel as luxurious as they look. And to celebrate 50 years of the Beatles stateside, they created an exclusive collection from the Beatle archives.



Donnie Charm scarf, style tips, the three tomatoesDonnie Charm, a contemporary scarf line, was founded by Alyssa Wasko while she was still in college. (Her father was Donnie and she was his good luck charm). These scarves are made up in luxurious fabrics and good luck charms, to make you feel lucky and loved. When you buy something from Donnie Charm a portion always goes to an amazing charity. They also have a ‘campus rep’ program for college students who feel passionate about the product.

elizabeth gillett scarf, style tips, the three tomatoesElizabeth Gillett, a New York City based designer believes a scarf is the ultimate accessory. Crafted in India, each piece is a combination of exclusive prints, hand-woven fabrics, novelty textures and metallic accents. These scarves will enhance any wardrobe.


anna coroneo scarfs, style tips, the three tomatoesAs an international artist, Anna Coroneo distinguishes herself as an artist and a designer. She often uses her artwork as inspiration for her printed scarves. They can be found at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales.



love quotes scarf, style tips, the three tomatoesLove Quotes A favorite among celebrities including Reece Witherspoon, theses scarves are woven from Italian linen and viscose making them light enough for indoor wear, yet great outerwear pieces as well. I always recommend scarves for a gift and Love Quotes is a great gift because each one comes with a quote from a famous philosopher, artist or poet. Also, 10% of the net profits are donated to international children’s charities.



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