How to Dress for a Destination Wedding

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By Deborah Boland

Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico…..don’t be surprised if the next wedding you attend is at one of these popular hotspots. What do you wear when you’re the guest and the happy couple is being wed on the beach? Here are a few ideas on how to dress for a destination wedding.

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  1. Keep it Light

Destination weddings have a lighthearted holiday feel so it’s important to wear something that is a little more colorful and breezy. Stay away from dark muted colors or heavy fabrics, or anything with lots of layers.  Also remember it’s going to be hot. Do you really want sleeves? If so, try a sheer or lacey sleeve or just bring a gauzy wrap.

  1. Try a Maxi Dress

If you ever wanted to wear a maxi, this is a great occasion to do it. Maxis are perfect for beach weddings. Choose one that is soft, light and flowing in a pretty floral or happy print. Chiffon is often a good choice. Steer clear of stiff fabrics and tailored styles.

  1. Shoes- Get Real

You may be tempted to wear a pair of high, sexy, strappy sandals, but that really could be a total disaster. If the couple is truly by being wed on the sand, you will need a pair of flat sandals. Just make sure they have some bling on them so you look glammed up. Most time you’ll be dumping your shoes anyway until the party after.  If ceremony on an outdoor deck or patio, be sure to find out ahead of time. Heels can get stuck in cracks and lead to embarrassing moments and ruined shoes. Check ahead of time where the reception will be. A low wedge is often your best solution.

  1. Don’t Forget.

It may be a scorcher, it may also be a little windy by the waves, so be sure to wear sunscreen, bring sunglasses and maybe even a hat and a light wrap.  Even a paper fan is a handy thing to have.

Finally, relax. Outdoor weddings are easygoing. Don’t fret about the sand between your toes or your hairdo getting blown around. Enjoy the moment, soak up the atmosphere and have fun with your wedding guest style.

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