10 Things Every Stylish Woman Knows

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10 Things Every Stylish Woman Knows


We all those women who just seem to always look great no matter what they’re wearing and just seem to have an innate sense of style. Well, over the years, through our style experts and women whose style we admire, we’ve learned some of their secrets.

  1. It’s all about the fabric. Beautiful fabrics move and if a fabric is too heavy that won’t happen. But you also don’t want something so thin that it shows every bulge. Wool crepe, wool microfiber blends, cotton or wool gabardine and cotton blended with silk are good choices to look for.


  1. What are your colors? The right colors that go with your hair and skin tone can make such a difference in your appearance. Here’s an excellent article on finding the best colors for you based on your skin tone.  Find some who does “colors. It will  make shopping so much easier.


  1. Keep it Simple. Simple styles are the most versatile.  For example, a great fitting pair of jeans can go from day tonight by adding a dressy top and a pair of heels. Makes traveling easier too.


  1. Get a great haircut. Sometimes it pays to head to a top salon with a top stylist and get a new look that works for you. There’s nothing better than a great hair cut to up your style game.


  1. Invest in a few a quality, classic pieces. Whether it’s jacket or a fabulous piece of jewelry. You’ll wear them forever.


  1. Find a great tailor. It’s amazing what a perfect fit will do.  So when you find something you love, but it doesn’t quite fit right, a good tailor can do wonders.


  1. Embrace Shapewear. Even the skinniest celebs use shapewear to smooth out the imperfections and to create a flawless, smooth look.


  1. Wear the right bra size. Most of us are wearing bras that do not fit properly. Find a store that specializes in bras and has fitters on site. It could be life changing.


  1. If you feel uncomfortable, whether it’s the style, the fit, a plunging neckline, a too short dress, the color, or for whatever reason, if feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable, so go with something else.


    10. Confidence. Stylish women look confident. The attitude you project when you’re wearing clothes is more important than the clothes. If you’re confident, it shows.

Various style experts offers tips for tomatoes. Plus you’ll find our Red Carpet reviews here too with the hits and misses.

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Various style experts offers tips for tomatoes. Plus you’ll find our Red Carpet reviews here too with the hits and misses.

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