What’s The Best Kind of Bra? 

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Article courtesy of  Susan Sitarz, owner A Private Affair of Sherman Oaks

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How many times in recent years has your bra-fitter suggested a contour cup or T-shirt bra and then shown you a bra that appears to you to be padded?! So what’s the best kind of bra?

We all want uplift, a nice shape and oftentimes “headlight” concealment.  As “bra ladies” we often find that when we show customers bras that will do all the things they want, their first responses &/or reactions are that they are “already big enough”…. And, “never have or ever will wear a padded bra.”

The reality is that the bra she is looking at is not padded, in the traditional sense of the word.

Instead it’s what is considered a “contour” or “molded cup” bra.

Perhaps a definition of terms will help clarify:

According to bra expert Ali Cudby in her book, Busted,

What's the best kind of bra? The Three Tomatoes

Fantasie 4510

“A Contour Bra is a bra with a shaped cup that has fiberfill or foam lining.  These are highly structured cups that retain the shape of a breast, even when removed from the body.  Generally, contour bras have an underwire and can sometimes be known as T-shirt bras.  Not to be confused with Molded-cup bras, contour bras have a sculpted look that can also help to reduce “high-beams”. When being worn, they have the advantage of using their shape to improve yours. Materials such as fiber-fill or a foam lining help to strengthen the shape of the natural breast.

What's the best kind of bra? The Three Tomatoes

Molded Cup: Wacoal 85567

The Molded-cup Bra is any bra created on a mold.  Also referred to as seamless bras or T-shirt bras.  Molded-cup bras are often thought of as being interchangeable with contour bras.  The difference is that a contour bra is always made with a formed cup that stays in the shape of a breast, even when off the body, while a molded cup can be made from fabric that does not retain its shape.  Because they contain no seams,  molded-cup bras may not provide as much support for larger-busted women.

What's the best kind of bra? The Three Tomatoes

Padded Bra: Affinitas 131

And lastly, Padded Bras:  If you want to enhance your shape, push ’em up, or even out asymmetrical breasts, padded bras can do any of the above by adding fiber, foam, gel, or even air to specific areas of the cup.”

They definitely have a place in your bra choices.

A subtle hint of cleavage is always a feminine prerogative.

With the contour, molded, and even padded cup options,

….. who knows… you may even yet achieve perfection (or kill your bra-ladies trying).

susan sitarz, a private affair, the three tomatoesA Private Affair of Sherman Oaks is a unique little bra shop tucked away in the heart of Sherman Oaks, CA. Susan Sitarz is the owner and Anne Hershon came in as a customer and never left. Between them they have over 20 years’ experience fitting all types of women in all types of bras. They have learned the fine art of combining comfort and lift with the goal of having every woman leave the shop looking 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger. A good time is had by all!

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  1. L. Sherman says:

    I live in NYC–any suggestions (store/shop) where to go for a good professional bra fitting? thank you

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