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“Letters, we get letters. We get lots and lots of letters.”  Well actually emails from PR people pitching their client’s products.  So we sort through, sometimes sample them, and then let you know about the ones that caught our attention. Today we’re sharing a few things that caught our eye. Cool stuff.

Bohemian Hippy Necklaces

Things That Caught Our EyeBohemian hippy is back on the runways, and these beautiful one of a kind necklaces caught our eye.   This one sells for $180.  Check out this beautiful line of jewelry, scarves, and handbags from Khalama.

Vintage Hollywood Glamour

Things That Caught Our EyeGet your Rita Hayward, Ava Gardner and Lauren Bacall on with this line of cosmetics from Bésame that embraces the tradition of vintage Hollywood glamour, romance and elegance.  The lipsticks, in vintage reds, are formulated with the highest natural pigment content and enriched with squalene, vitamin C and aloe for a smooth, feather-proof finish…all day. Available for $22 each at Sephora. Check out their full cosmetic line at  Fun stuff.

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Sleep Like a Baby

Things That Caught Our EyeCheck out this cozy velvet eye mask made of memory foam for optimal comfort that comes with a built in Bluetooth headphone.  The headphone discs have an extra layer of memory phone so you won’t even feel them in your ears.  So put on your mask, play a little “sleep” relaxation music, and voila! A good night’s sleep. Perfect on airplanes too when you need to snooze on a long trip.  Available from 1 Voice Bluetooth Sleep Headphones for $49.00.  On sale for $29.00 at Amazon.

Don’t Lose Fido – GPS Tracking Collar

gibiFor some, the one we love the most walks on four legs. Keep your pet, or any pet lover, safe and sane with Gibi, a GPS tracking device that keeps track of your dog with a click of a button on your smartphone. No worries.  No waiting.  No posting of lost dog signs. Simply attach the lightweight, waterproof Gibi device onto your dog’s collar or harness and log in to the Gibi app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Set up virtual fences (safe zones) around where your dog is allowed to roam. When he leaves his designated area you will be notified by text message or email. You can then follow your pet to his or her exact location, thanks to Gibi and Google Maps. It’s simple, amazingly accurate and stylish!  Available for $99.99 at Amazon.




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  1. Linda Flack says:

    Did you possibly mean Ava Gardner? So sad.

    • Cheryl Benton says:

      We did indeed Linda. Thanks for catching our faux pas, and we have corrected it!
      The Three Tomatoes

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