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If you love the look of all those glamorous stillettos heels –  4” and up , but just can’t wear them, cheer up! Some of those stiletto designers like Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have beautiful lower heel options too. We’ve been on a mission to find stylish and sexy mid-heeled shoes and turns out they’ve been right here all along. Check out a few of our 2” heel finds and you’ll be over  your stilettos envy.nicolas kirkland, christian loubaton, shoe finds, the three tomatoes

We love the beautiful heels on these Nicolas Kirland shoes. Available at Saks for $635. And yes, tomatoes, Christin Louboutin actually has a 2″ heel with his famous red soles. And sorry, the lower heel does not come with a discount.  These are $795 directly from the Christin Louboutin web site.

prada,jimmy choos, shoe finds, the three tomatoes

We love this elegant Prada sling back. $495 from DSW Shoes.  And we love that Jimmy Choo took the 5 inch version of this shoe down to a 2″ heel, and it’s still beautiful and sexy. $375 from Jimmy Choo.

dsw, aldo, shoe finds, the three tomatoes

If you accountant has informed you that shoes are not an investment, then here are a couple of more modest finds.  We love the sling back from DWS at just $49.95. And the animal print is still in vogue and we love the design of this shoe from Aldo, $64.98.


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