The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  

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Driving South on I 95 there are many, many places to spend the night, but here is a personal gem of a discovery that I hope you will visit. (More info on others to come.)

I did not discover the real Brunswick until after many stops at not so great places.  During one of my stops, I had arrived earlier than usual and was speaking with the receptionist. She asked: “have you been to downtown Brunswick?”  “No” I said, I didn’t know there was a downtown Brunswick”. FYI: I’ll never state that again!

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  

Indeed, there is a real downtown Brunswick.  The restaurants are delicious, little shops attractive.  There is an active wharf. If by any chance you are there when the fishing boats are coming in, you will enjoy.  There is no question there is an abundance of seafood in the local waters which you will enjoy at the local restaurants. If you want to dock a BIG boat, the harbor will accommodate.

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  

The present day Brunswick, is a delight. There is a lot going on both in town and in environs. WW II ships were built in Brunswick. Festivals and Jubilees are a norm, so check for dates and details. Just go and enjoy.

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  

There is a definite gracious southern hospitality that you will immediately discover.

The following Brunswick discovery that I am sharing should be put in indelible ink on our bucket list. If you doubt my words, then see for yourself – look it up on your computer –  Brunswick Manor.

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  Brunswick Manor is a gem and a beauty. I cannot find a smidgeon wrong, out of place or not special at BRUNSWICK MANOR. This Victorian house with tis spacious wraparound porch, the beautiful huge trees some with Spanish moss, the flowers that add brilliant color and the birds that seem to be singing in harmony all greet you. I was so amazed and excited seeing this gem for the first time. I think I just stopped in front before parking and looked, smiled and became excited at what I was about to experience.

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  As I walked up the front steps and entered via an elegant large front door, I probably said “Oh my! This is graciously impressive.” I was greeted by the Innkeeper of the Manor who welcomed me and gave me a few details and then showed me to my room. My room was impressive, but as I walked the hallway to my room there was a large display cabinet full of an eclectic mix of memorabilia -even Sunday School pins. I learned that it was the owner’s Grand Mother’s pins. A return for a long look was imperative. There was so much to see. I could not get downstairs fast enough to see the beautiful rooms and explore and digest the many many things to see.

The Perfect I 95 Stop: Brunswick, Georgia  

Breakfast is served in a large elegant dining room. At night wine is put out in the living room for “night caps”.

Stacy Bass, the owner, creator, decorator, fine tuner is exceptional in his endeavors. He has learned and presented so much and fortunately shares his awesome talents and presentations.

Visit Brunswick, Ga. Look up BRUNSWICK MANOR and you will see that it is a gem in every way. It is a must visit. Repeat. A MUST VISIT.   BRUNSWICK MANOR:  825 Egmont Street, Brunswick, GA. 912-265-6889.

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  1. Clyde says:

    I will definitely have to check Brunswick out.! Thanks for the info.

  2. Carole says:

    So precious and lovely… I put it on my list! Can’t wait for my next vacation!!

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