Kaysee and Meeteetse, Wyoming [Cowboys are in!]

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 Kaysee, Wyoming

Kaysee and Meeteetse, Wyoming [Cowboys are in!], Kaysee wyoming, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

While in Casper, Wyo. at the C’mon Inn [that is the name and I highly recommend it] I was told about Kaysee, Wyoming – just up the road [about 67 miles in the direction I was going] I was only told “you will definitely enjoy and it will not take a long time. Great place to stretch your legs”. Exit 254 and two minutes off the Interstate I was in downtown Kaysee – population about 263.

A few cars and trucks were on Main Street and there were a few people walking around. There was no question I was at a small gem of a town. The ambiance was sort of special and I wasn’t quite sure why. Look it up and see “Images of Kaysee”.

I drove down Main Street and parked. [No problem] There on my left was a beautiful Tribute Garden to Chris LeDoux, [pronounced luh-Doo] World Champion Bareback Rider, who wrote and recorded hit songs and was truly an outstanding human being. Garth Brooks had a hit with Chris’s song “Much Too Young [To Feel This Dame Old]”. When Chris needed a liver transplant it was Garth Brooks who offered, but it was not compatible. They were good friends. Chris passed away from complications from his cancer. He was 56. What a person. Admired by all and treasured by his family -wife and five children. He should have been cloned. Enjoy the beautiful Tribute Garden. It is just very special.

History: There is a lot to this tiny town and area. Just West of Kaycee is the outlaw cave where the legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids and the Hole-In-The-Wall gang hideout. Thus it is called “Hole-in-the-Wall” Country. Aside from the infamous “GANGS” it was the site of one of the most important events, in Old West history, the Johnson County War. This war was between small ranchers and big anchers in 1892. Finally under the orders of President Harrison there was an intervention. There have been many “tellings” of these events. Look up the Johnson County War. Interesting historical tidbit – for sure.

 Kaysee and Meeteetse, Wyoming [Cowboys are in!], kaysee wyoming, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

There is a lot to this area aside from the spectacular views and surrounding areas.

A return visit to Kaycee is definitely on the agenda. There is a hotel there!


Meeteetse, Wyoming

Kaysee and Meeteetse, Wyoming [Cowboys are in!], meeteesee wyoming, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

About 30 minutes from Cody- an easy and attractive drive-you will be in special Meeteetse. You might think you have arrived on a movie set but you are in a tiny town with a population of 327. To get the “feel” of this town look up The Chocolatier Cowboy – that’s Tim Kellogg- a very good looking cowboy who also has become an outstanding chocolatier.

 Kaysee and Meeteetse, Wyoming [Cowboys are in!], meeteesee wyoming, tim kellogg, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

Background: TK was a rodeo competitor and when he needed a new saddle – they are not inexpensive about $1,300 + – his Mother suggested he sell his Grandmothers special chocolates at the next rodeo. That is not what Tim had on his agenda. But he gave in. At that rodeo and the next and onward his chocolates were so popular that he realized what he had to launch- thanks to his Mother and Grandmother. That was circa 2004 and in 2005 he broke his ankle and dislocated his shoulder in competition and thus the chocolatier was really born. He is always testing and some no most all- of the flavors are only sensationally outstandingly delicious i.e. Sage, Bailey’s Irish Cream and a leader, Coors Truffle. Note: I am not a chocolate aficionado, but TK’s chocolates has made me an advocate of his delicious delights. Fantastic.

Although chocolates can only be shipped in cold weather, orders are filled starting in November. What fantastic presents! Especially to YOURSELF.

FYI: I look [very] forward to going back visiting with TK but also to enjoy The Elkhorn Bar & Grill and The Outlaw Café and Bar. Both are unique to see and have real stories!

See you in Meeteetse.


  • Gerry Hempel Davis worked for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, was the youngest female in the control room of the Ed Sullivan Show, and was for several years a contributing lifestyle correspondent for The Today Show. She is the author of the authorized history of The Today Show as well as The Moving Experience. In recent years Gerry Davis has logged over 100,000 miles on America's highways and byways, stumbling upon sites that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. She’s written three books on her road trips including ROMANCING THE ROADS: A DRIVING DIVA’S FIRST HAND GUIDE: Vol I (East of the Mississippi) and Vol II (West of the Mississippi).

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