Road Trips Are Magical

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Road Trips Are Magical, road trip tips, driving diva, gerry davis, the three tomatoes

Greetings Tomatoes. This Driving Diva with her own Objective Eye will introduce you to an eclectic mix of places in our awesome USA. I simply flaunt our USA. All will be places I have actually been to and I will give you the firsthand scoop. Some will be large, some small, some just a-something. Where to begin is the $64 dollar question. I have driven 100,000 miles. There is a lot to share. Travel is special, but road trips are magical. Hopefully, my syllables will tweak your entice-button. Here we go – TOMATO ROAD TRIPS with The Driving Diva.

FYI: On Amazon you can get more detailed info in ROMANCING THE ROADS: A Driving Diva’s Firsthand Guide: Vol. I East of the Mississippi and Vol. II West of the Mississippi. Enjoy.

The USA roads and Interstates are excellent and now with a GPS, your phone, a few coins in your pocket, a good credit card, you are ready to go. Well almost. Planning carefully and accurately is key. Realize that if done correctly, it will not be done quickly. Start ASAP. Mark on a map EXACTLY where you plan to go. Plan for every just in case possibility. Don’t be fearful. Know that there are drug stores, doctors, veterinarians, police, etc. throughout the USA. You are not out there abandoned.

First I share packing tips and must dos which are essential before we gas up, turn the ignition key and go.

Packing tip: Each person has their own labeled plastic box and a small duffle or zipper bag. Each night one takes out what they will need for the night and the next day. Sleeping attire can be left in the bag as well as tooth brush, paste etc. A large plastic bag for laundry is useful. Many places have washing machines and then of course there is the local Laundromat.

Vital suggestion: Do not dress up during your daytime travels. Wear light weight, loose fitting comfortable, proper clothing. Cotton is the best. Polyester is a little warm. No bare midriffs or tight pants. Dark colors are not sensible in hot climates. No jewelry and if you wear rings turn them around. Don’t show a lot of money, use your credit card and don’t expose a lot of “stuff” in your car. Cover with a blanket or such. When not IN your car, LOCK your car. An extra set of keys in an easily retrievable spot is important. Do not show your home address. I put a card out of easy view with my contact info written in indelible ink, just in case you cannot talk! One in your purse too.

If away for a while, remember to cancel newspapers, have someone to check your home that hopefully does not look like it has been abandoned and get the mail. Also unplug toaster oven and such.

Rather than tell you that a road is straight, curvy, full of switchbacks or narrow, my advice is just find the best roads from point A to B to C and go onward. Study and mark the maps and get information from AAA – and friends. Be alert and cautious. The roads of the USA are exceptional and of course some are better than others but… DON’T BE AFRAID, BE SENSIBLE, BE AWARE. Cultivate peripheral vision and a strong 6th sense. Don’t let your gas tank go below ¼ tank and don’t eat a lot during the day.

Practically any time is a good time to plan a Road Trip. The major cities are always written about, but for this sharing, I am going to tell about some of the not always written about places that are unique, special, wonderful places. Boutiques, Consignment shops, Thrift shops are included. YES!

One of my mantras is Even If You Can’t Go, You Can Know. If you are a TOMATO armchair traveler don’t hesitate to come along – it will be interesting and fun. All the places I share can be found on the Internet, which will make my words more vivid.

Get ready. Where do we go first? Stay tuned.


  • Gerry Hempel Davis worked for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, was the youngest female in the control room of the Ed Sullivan Show, and was for several years a contributing lifestyle correspondent for The Today Show. She is the author of the authorized history of The Today Show as well as The Moving Experience. In recent years Gerry Davis has logged over 100,000 miles on America's highways and byways, stumbling upon sites that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. She’s written three books on her road trips including ROMANCING THE ROADS: A DRIVING DIVA’S FIRST HAND GUIDE: Vol I (East of the Mississippi) and Vol II (West of the Mississippi).

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