The Jumpsuit Returns – Do You Dare?

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By Deborah Boland

The Jumpsuit Returns – Do You Dare?, deborah boland, fabulous after 40, the three tomatoesJumpsuits were a wardrobe staple of the 70’s and now they’ve made a comeback.

How can a grown up gal wear a jumpsuit without looking like a leftover from Studio 54?

Here are some tips.

Nip It in

The key to looking great in a jumpsuit is getting the right fit. Look for a jumpsuit that highlights your waist so you don’t look like you are wearing a big sack. Most women over 40 are a little softer and rounded than they were way back when, so it is important to find a jumpsuit that nips in at the middle. A belt helps to define your waist too.

Choose the Right Pant Leg

If you are a curvy gal with a generous bottom or hips, pay attention to the type of leg you choose. A wide leg jumpsuit will balance your figure better than a narrow leg. Make sure a wide leg is also long enough to flatter. Your pant legs need to flow downward, cover the shoe and skim the top of the floor.

Wear Heels

Done right, jumpsuits will give you that long lean look we all crave. To create a streamlined silhouette, be sure to wear heels. It’s amazing how adding even a couple of inches can make a jumpsuit go from average to awesome.

Consider Color

A dark solid color like a sexy black or navy jumpsuit will always be most slimming and is perfect for cocktail chic. However if you want something more for day, you can pull off a pattern too. Stick to darker or neutral colors and keep the pattern simple and average size. No huge oversize prints that are loud and busy or you may look like you are wearing a clown romper.

Add a Jacket

Many of the jumpsuits out there are sleeveless which a great look is unless you happen to be self-conscious about your arms. If that is a problem for you, simply add a jacket and you’ll look fab. Keep your jacket short and fitted to show off your shape and your gorgeous jumpsuit.

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