The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

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The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

You have read many of the adjectives I use when describing a special place: Gem, treasure, wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, exceptional, a must to visit. Am sure you think I speak in hyperboles. Not so. All the wonderful adjectives that I state you can accurately apply to this next presented gem of a property – The Colony: Palm Beach, Florida.

It was Henry Flagler, a most fascinating gentleman, baron of industry, who must be remembered as the “discoverer” and developer of this unique island and in fact opening the very rural East coast of Florida. It was not long before his Palm Beach became an ultra-social hub and an interesting unique oasis. Fast forward to circa 1947.

It all began circa 1947. Life then was definitely and absolutely different, then now. The Colony Hotel was a vibrant focal point for the little island. Today it continues. Everything about the property is right – its location, its architecture, its décor, it ambiance. In spite of its elegance and grandeur, there is a wonderful real charm and personality to this 90 room boutique property.

The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

Recently many millions were spent to redo, redo, redo and what fantastic results are now so beautifully evident. In truth the original Colony was not too shabby. Not at all! Today, upon entering the main door the greeting is immediate and genuine – be it from the staff or the beautiful surroundings. Nothing is slick or gaudy. Everything is just right – with the very bright and stunning décor. Carlton Varney is the master of the décor and his talents permeate every inch. Once you see his décor – bright colors juxtaposed in the most brilliant of ways and accessories astonishingly mixed, you will want to copy in your own nest.  [Good luck!]

The Colony is an authentic boutique hotel, which means it is small but with all the essentials and extras, be they the glamorous surroundings, the useful amenities or the just in case. FYI: Breakfast is gratis. Once you visit this gem you will realize why I am having a challenge describing The Colony Palm Beach in spite of my plethora of adjectives, but here are a few for my overview. You must go and visit to see I speak the truth.

The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

The accommodations are totally perfect. To which I might add in every way.

The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

One of my very favorite places on property is the Palm Court by the outdoor pool area. Whether you are swimming, sunning or dining it is a perfect place to totally enjoy and even rejuvenate. The décor is matched perfectly with the surroundings. There are tables for dining, oversized wicker chairs for sitting, talking, taking in the surroundings and people watching.

The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is Perfection

The Polo Room is themed as its name. It has one of the best steak and seafood menus. It is an ultimate experience to which I will add unforgettably delicious. To accompany this dining experience there is live music and a dance floor in the Polo Room.

Tomatoes remember when we were a bit younger had a special date and would go to a place where dancing was the norm and your date knew how to dance.  How glorious.

The bar in the Polo Room is just what a bar should be – attractive, fully stocked and with a knowledgeable friendly bartender. If desired, you can dine at the bar.

The Colony’s Royal Room has been dubbed “The Best Dinner & Show South of Manhattan”. A delightful cabaret. The performing talent is outstanding and you will applaud your Royal Room experience. Reservations a must.

Cafe155 is the casual place for breakfast and lunch. One can call it a good old New York style deli with a bit of glamour.

The Pavilion has been updated. A very impressive place for weddings, receptions, business events and such. It is definitely repeat – impressive.

At the helm of this magnificent COLONY HOTEL is Roger Everingham. He orchestrates in a most impressive manner. There is no question he knows the hotel business and oversees a magnificent property with great aplomb. The staff cannot be forgotten as each are tops in their duties.

Sidebar: Not be missed and within walking distance is The Worth Avenue. One must walk and look and if feasible purchase a treasure on this special avenue. The stores of all varieties are only fantastic. – as are most of the prices. It does not cost anything to look. There are also wonderful eateries in this most special of areas. Give yourself a treat.

Go and enjoy. I promise you will definitely enjoy and might even be slightly in awe!


155Hammon Avenue: Pal Beach, Fl. 33480: 561-655-5430

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    This hotel, definitely will be on my list, next visit to this beautiful area of Florida! Thank you to the Three Tomatoes & Gerry Hempel Davis for this and other great location articles…This traveler appreciates so much fabulous fines like hotel in this article!

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