Suspense Novels for Spring Break Reading

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Spring break’s coming up fast and here are three brand-new suspense novels that will take you away from the everyday, whether you’re lounging poolside, fireside, or at home with your smart phone turned off.

In business and in nature, the year is counted off in quarters. Now’s the time for our first quarterly…vacation! And these three captivating suspense novels are the perfect accompaniment to whichever you’ll be using, ski goggles or sunglasses. They’ll make any staycation more entertaining, too.

Suspense Novels for Spring Break Reading

British journalist Fiona Barton’s debut is an auspicious one. The Widow is a provocative portrait of guilt, interdependence, and obsession. You’ll want all your friends to read this, too, so you can debate the widow’s choices…and Barton’s intention. Get the book.

Suspense Novels for Spring Break Reading

Harlan Coben has been winning crime-writing awards and landing on bestseller lists since his first Myron Bolitar mystery, Deal Breaker, was published more than 20 years ago. That series, featuring a sports agent-turned-sleuth, is my favorite of all his work, but he writes domestic suspense like nobody’s business. This explosive look at a haunted and recently widowed veteran with a two-year-old daughter takes you to some terrifying places in her past and her marriage. The title Fool Me Once is an understatement: Coben’s stock-in-trade is the surprises he keeps pulling out until the very last page. Get the book.

Suspense Novels for Spring Break Reading

Lisa Lutz can be as funny as hell and she’s a wonderful storyteller. Her earlier series about Izzy Spellman and her family of private investigators was absolutely hilarious. She’s gone to the dark side in The Passenger without losing any of her witty powers of observation or compassion for the tough situations decent people can get into. Get the book.

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