What I remember Most

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A Heroine on the Run

 What I remember Most, Cathy Lamb, The Three Tomatoes

We’re huge fans of Cathy Lamb’s novels. Her heroines are always strong women who are struggling with demons from their past but with grit, courage, and hope. And whether it’s the three quirky sisters in Henry’s Sisters, or Julia Bennett who is on the run in Julia’s Chocolates, they always come shining through.

In her latest book,What I remember Most,  the heroine, Grenadine Scotch Wild, is a talented artist who is hiding out in a mountain town in Oregon from her scum bag husband, an investor who stole millions of dollars from his clients and has implicated her and she’s now facing jail time, even though she is innocent. She leaves him with less than $500 and a few belongings in her car, which she lives out of for several weeks as she starts to make some money as a bartender. As the novel evolves, her childhood traumas also unfold. She has only vague memories of the parents she last saw when she was six years old telling her to run. Can a new town with new friends and a hunky boss she is falling for, save her?

You’ll find yourself totally swept up in the story, shocked by Grenadine’s abusive childhood, caught up in the mystery of her missing parents, feel like a hopeless by-stander when she has to resort to sleeping in her car for weeks, angry at her husband, and rooting for her every step of the way.

Available now at Amazon and other major booksellers.

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