A Tall Imperious Bloom

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A Gripping Novel of Love and Betrayal

A Tall Imperious Bloom, Agata Stanford, The Three Tomatoes

Agata Stanford, who is best known for her wonderfully clever and humorous Dorothy Parker Murder Mystery series (all of which we have reviewed at the 3Ts), takes a different turn in her latest novel, “A Tall, Imperious Bloom”. It is a love story, with many unusual twists and turns, and an ending you won’t see coming.

The novel starts on New Year’s when Bill, divorced, in a relationship he’s not committed to, a job he’s not especially happy in, is driving home in the snow from a party he has left before midnight because he just didn’t want to be around anyone. Out of nowhere, a woman steps in front of his car and he hits her. She is rushed to the hospital, and while her injuries are serious, they are not life threatening. When he makes the decision to visit her in ICU the next day, he has an overwhelming sense that “My life will never be the same again.”

The woman he hits is Ariel who has that profound effect on all the men in her life. Bill finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, and wanting to know all about her life. And so the story of Ariel and William, another of the men whom she had a profound impact on, unfolds.

When Ariel and William first meet, both are “happily” married with families. But their strong attraction which they try to deny, leads to an affair and ultimately their realization that they are deeply and hopelessly in love resulting in upending their home lives. The start of what should be their beautiful and happy life together takes a tragic turn that includes betrayals, and an ending that will leave you thinking about the novel for days to come.

With this new novel, A Tall, Imperious Bloom, Agata shows her wonderful diversity as a writer who is brilliant in any genre.

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