Brave Girls

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 If You Have a Middle-School Aged Girl in Your Life,
This Book is a Must Read.

 Brave Girls, Stacey Radin, The Three Tomatoes

Middle school is a vitally important time in the development of girls – the lessons they learn and the confidence they build (or don’t build) carries through the rest of their lives. Psychologist Stacey Radin has spent years researching but makes women leaders successful and discovered it all begins in middle school. She used that knowledge to create an incredible afterschool program called Unleashed that empowers girls through puppy rescue. Cheryl Benton, aka the “head tomato” was on the founding board for Unleased, and has seen first- hand the difference this program has made in transforming young girls into advocates and leaders as they discover the power of their own voices.

In her new book, Brave Girls, Stacey has taken her research insights on powerful successful women, and her experiences with Unleased and combined them into a guidebook for parents and others who want to help girls become fearless and fulfilled leaders in all areas of society. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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