Prosecco, Prosecco and more Prosecco!

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The cultural drinks phenomenon known as Prosecco has attracted the attention of bubbly lovers as never before in history. What is Prosecco actually and why are we drinking so much of this effervescent elixir?

History records the production of Prosecco as far back as Roman times. The Glera grape which initially grew close to the village of Prosecco in the hills near Trieste, Italy. Now production has spread to Veneto and Friuli where it comes from today. The 9 provinces in these two regions compromise the Prosecco DOC production zone. Without getting too technical this area and macro climate is well suited to growing the Glera grape. There are other types of grapes that can be used- but never more than 15% of the total blend.

The method for making Prosecco differs from Champagne in that with Prosecco the secondary fermentation occurs in large tanks called autoclaves. In champagne the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle. Thus allowing the CO2 to be captured in the bottle. Many people find the bubbles in Prosecco to be softer and more agreeable on the palate. I tend to agree. Plus the natural sweetness provides a more subtle delight on the tongue.

When enjoying Prosecco ensure it is properly chilled. There is nothing more egregious as warm sparkling wine. 3-4 hours in the fridge should work well.

Many types of foods go well with Prosecco. I would recommend having it with brunch or as an aperitif too. My favorite way is enjoying it with a special friend as an amour starter!

Reputable brands to look for include some lesser known names like Enrico, Perfecto, Zonin and Lunetta. You may be familiar with the two largest brands in the market: La Marca and Mionetto. If you’ve had them already, give some of these other names a try. You just might find yourself exclaiming “Amore'”

Dear Tomatoes – This is my first article here and I welcome suggestions for future articles. Please feel free to contact us with thoughts or questions.

Health, Happiness and Amore’ …James

James Russo is a 20+ year accomplished veteran of the Wine industry. He has worked for and represented such amazing wine companies as: Francis Ford Coppola Winery/Rubicon Estate, Robert Mondavi Winery, Frescobaldi, Ornellaia, Sonoma Cutrer and Banfi Estates. To name just a very few. James goes by the title “Wine Escoffier”. Combining his love of wine and food to bring out the best in in all components. He has guest lectured and trained countless service staff on his wineries.  He welcomes your input and questions regarding wine.

If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

Wine Lovers

If you love wines you’ll get tips on the art of selecting and drinking wines, what goes with what, and wine recommendations too.

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  1. harlon richards says:

    you may not remember me but about 10 years ago you held an event at the 21 club in nyc. excellent presentation and I have to say is the reason I got started on this journey of wine.

    good to see are are still active in this area.


  2. Thank you for an informative an easy to read article. I am of Italian heritage and learned something new.

  3. Ellen Moran says:

    Thanks for this. I love Prosecco and have tried many labels. I’m excited to try your recommendations.

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