PJs and Loungewear

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Lifestyle and beauty guru Dominique Sachse takes on a lounge wear and PJ tour today. And the right lounge wear can definitely be worn out of the house.



Pajamas and loungewear have always been popular but new trends explore their versatility outside the house! Come lounge with me as we go through all different price points of cozy PJs and chic loungewear.

Click below to shop:


Merry Pajama Set: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNtfeyJ

Animal Print Satin Chemise: https://shop-links.co/cgaNdoxaCtj

Fleece Fold-Over Lounge Jogger Pants: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMSDZdS

Fleece Lounge Cropped Sweatshirt: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMjXEJd

Slippers: https://shop-links.co/cf7pBNuPs2k


Lauren Ralph Lauren Satin Notch-Collar Pajama Set: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNdLC8W

Lauren Ralph Lauren Thermal Waffle-Knit Sweatpants: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNqJHiD

Lauren Ralph Lauren Thermal Waffle-Knit Cardigan: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMYevVL

Sak’s 5th Ave: Natori Luxe Shangri-La Chemise: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMlv7oW

Natori Luxe Shangri-La Robe: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMqkGoL

Cami NYC Darby Silk Bodysuit: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMUeqYk

Cami NYC Cotton Joggers: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMnHnty

Outfit in the intro/outro: Top: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNbcmbh

Bottom: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNmrczV

Lipstick: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMqOwhW

Similar Boots to the ones featured: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrMR5uID

Similar Jacket to the one featured: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrM98JCz

Nail Polish: https://shop-links.co/cgaIrNkMw4d

You can pre-order a copy of my new book LIFE MAKEOVER – Embrace The Bold, Beautiful, & Blessed YOU here: https://www.dominiquesachse.tv/book/

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