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I’m thrilled that the Lincoln Road Clock Tower is being restored. It’s long ben a symbol of happiness for me. Shhh…I have the scoop on where the quiet, secluded beaches are in Miami. But don’t tell anyone else. I’m excited that one of my favorite restaurants in NYC just opened in Miami. This is one of the most incredible weeks of the year in Miami. Art Basel, the world’s largest art fair, is taking over the city. One of the big celebrations is being staged by street artist Shepard Fairey. Just a few reasons why I love Miami. And check out The Three Tomatoes upcoming Feng Shui Masterclass zoom series, starting in January.

Lincoln Road Clock Tower is Being Renovated

When I read that the Lincoln Road Clock Tower in Miami Beach is going to be renovated, I instantly remembered the time I stared at it for six hours straight. I’m not sure what made me do it other than I found the clock to be a symbol of my happiness when I visited South Beach.

The year was 1995. Eliot and I, along with our teenage daughter Whitney, were vacationing in the very famous Delano Hotel on Collins Avenue and 17th Street. We stayed there twice a year for several years because we loved the exotic atmosphere of the hotel, the young fashionistas who walked around the lobby and pool area, the beach outside the back door, all of the well-known restaurants in the area and the short walk to Lincoln Road.

I knew from the moment we started staying at the Delano that one day I wanted to move to Miami Beach. I was a true-blue New Yorker who never liked leaving the island of Manhattan, even to go to our homes in Montauk and Quogue. It was nice to see nature, but even nicer to come back over the 59th Street bridge on Sunday nights.

A friend, who was a Miami Beach real estate developer, invited me to lunch a year before we started vacationing at the Delano. We were in Ft. Lauderdale at the time on family business. From the minute I drove over the MacArthur Causeway Bridge from downtown Miami to the beach, I felt something magical happening to me. The wide range of open skies, the clear vast views of the ocean and sand and the pastel colors of all of the Art Deco buildings, made me feel like I was floating in paradise. I loved it at first sight.

That’s why one night after Eliot and Whitney fell asleep in our hotel room, I watched the Lincoln Road Clock Tower from midnight to dawn. I was determined to see the numbers change every minute. The whole experience was very cathartic. I didn’t even feel sleepy the next day. I felt very happy.

It’s now 27 years later and I’m thrilled that the Lincoln Road Clock Tower is being restored. I plan to watch the numbers change from the 36th floor of my condo from time to time and remember the the good old days.

Read all about the Clock Tower renovations here.

The Sounds of Beach Silence

Miami has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Very few people would argue that. They are wide acres and acres of sand, and the ocean is warmer here than anywhere. That makes me happy, but not everyone else. The beaches in Miami are noisy. They are not congested like Long Island, New York, but they do have a lot of chatter and music being blasted. It can’t be stopped. The beaches all the way up to Palm Beach are lined with one hotel after another. Tourists make their way to the beach minutes after they check in. They came to Miami to soak in the sun, and they want to take advantage of the rays all day long.

You can’t blame them. Miami residents are fortunate to know where there are a handful of quiet beaches. Now you know too. I must say the several beaches you will read about below are just gorgeous. You will feel like you are living on a private island. Very few people are around, and you get to experience nature in a very luxurious style. Not many folks get to experience this kind of isolation and relaxation. Keep your swimsuits on. You never know when joggers and/or beach walkers will approach your area. The good news is that you will certainly appreciate privacy 90 percent of the time.

Here are 5 must visit secluded beaches. Enjoy the peace and tranquility.

If You Can Make It Big In New York, You Can Make It Big In Miami!

Everyone who lives in New York City and in or around Beverly Hills, knows that Avra is one of the best, and most popular restaurants, in recent years. Eliot and I have been going to Avra for several decades when it was just a single entity on East 48th Street in New York. It was an absolute delight with its many Mediterranean selections.

Then Avra opened a massive restaurant on East 60th Street, a few blocks from where we lived at the time. Now that we live in Miami, guess who is following us? Answer: Avra! We beat out Palm Beach.

We are thrilled because not only is the food great but the celebrity sightings are plentiful. We have seen Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, George Clooney, Paul McCartney, Jessica Sarah Parker and Jimmy Fallon. The new Miami location in Sunny Isles is sure to attract all of the transplants from New York.

Get the details on Miami Avra.

Miami Is All About Art Basel This Week

This is one of the most incredible weeks of the year in Miami. Art Basel, the world’s largest art fair, is taking over the city. Founded in 1970 by gallerists from Basel, Switzerland, Art Basel today stages the world’s premier art shows for Modern and Contemporary art. The cities involved include Basel, Miami Beach, Hong Kong, and Paris. Each show is unique and reflects its participating galleries, artworks presented, and the content of parallel programming produced in collaboration with local institutions for each edition. Art Basel’s engagement has expanded beyond art fairs through new digital platforms and a number of new initiatives such as the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, Intersections: The Art Basel Podcast, and the BMW Art Journey.

One of the big celebrations is being staged by street artist  Shepard Fairey. He is back in Miami’s Wynwood Walls creating a whole new mural with a special tribute to Tony Goldman. #wynwoodwalls

Click here for all the details you need to know.




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