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Episode #20. Reboot for Your Next Act

Guest: Diane Flynn, Co-founder, CEO ReBoot Accel

If you put your career on pause and are now ready to resume a career, or you’re ready to explore a different career path, you are going to find today’s episode invaluable. Our SF editor Kim Selby had a terrific conversation with Diane Flynn – one of the cofounders of ReBoot Accel – a Silicon Valley based company that assists women returning to the work force. ReBoot offers classes, coaching and events for Tomatoes who are looking for what’s next. Diane shares her story of evolving from a “strategic volunteer” for 14 years while she raised her three children, to becoming CEO of her own company. She is inspiring and informative, and you will be ready to rock what’s next for you after tuning in! Learn more about ReBoot Accel. Listen to the episode below or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode #19. Get Organized |Stay Organized | Get Your Life Back

Guest: Andrew Mellen, the most organized man in America

If you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in stuff, you’re going to love this conversation with host Cheryl Benton and guest Andrew Mellen who has been dubbed the most organized man in the world! Andrew is an organizational expert, public speaker, and the #1 best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life! Andrew has helped over 100,000 people and businesses worldwide to declutter and simplify their lives while regaining time for the things that matter. He is a dynamo. For more great tips and free downloads, visit his web site and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.   Get Andrew’s spring cleaning checklist.

Episode #18. East Meets West: A Cutting-Edge and Holistic Approach to Wellness After 40

Ever wondered about acupuncture and how it may benefit you? Roberta Mittman, a licensed acupuncturist (who became one after the age of 40) and podcast host Kim Selby (The Three Tomatoes SF editor) talk about the benefits of acupuncture to restore the body’s natural, pain-free balance. Learn how Roberta combines East and West traditions to help women over 40 with many issues.  She is a Personal Revolution coach who utilizes a holistic approach to help women transform! Learn more about Roberta at

Episode #17. Communicate What You Mean to Say

Nine-time Emmy Award winning journalist, Jane Hanson joins host Cheryl Benton in this week’s Happy Hour Podcast to share tips on how to communicate better. Jane has conducted over 100,000 interviews with presidents of the U.S. and other countries, celebrities, CEOs, and everyday people. She’s emceed events and moderated dozens of panels (like our May 11 Renewal Summit).  All her experiences have given her insights into what works and what doesn’t, and she’s turned that experience into a business that helps people communicate better.  Learn more at   

Episode #16.The Healing Art of Reiki with guest Danielle Martin.

Danielle Martin talks with host Roni Jenkins this week about her transition from a stressed advertising executive to becoming a Reiki Master and a TransformaEtion Life Coach. Just before the interview Roni had her first Reiki session. Listen in to this enlightening conversation about the healing art of Reiki and its benefits to calm, balance and reduce stress. Learn more about Danielle and her Reiki practice and her Long Island store, Amityville Apothecary, remedies for mind, body, and soul.  Listen in to the episode at The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast.

Episode #15. Insider Stories from A Top Broadway Publicist

The New York Post calls Joshua Ellis, “the maestro”.  He handled the press for some of Broadway’s biggest hits, including more than a dozen Tony Award winners.  He worked with a multitude of legendary personalities.  The very partial list includes David Merrick, Yul Brynner, Carol Channing, Lena Horne, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. And as you can imagine, he has stories.  And he’s turned some of those stories into a highly acclaimed solo show, “Call My Publicist!” Listen in as he shares some fun anecdotes about some of the biggest names in the business in this very entertaining podcast. To learn more about Joshua and upcoming performances of “Call My Publicist, visit his web site.

Episode #14: Attract Wealth & Wellness with Feng Shui and EcoChi

You’ll love this conversation with Debra Duneier, a master Feng Shui practitioner and creator of EcoChi, an interior design system that combines green and sustainable practices, wellness studies and spiritual design philosophies. Debra and host Kim Selby discuss the principles of Feng Shui, the healing power of EcoChi, the importance of bringing the outside inside and enhancing your life. Learn more at  Listen in below.

Episode #13:  Busting Through the Myths of Midlife with Dr. Robi Ludwig

Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, frequent TV commentator, and author of “Your Best Age is Now”, and Debbie Zipp, The Three Tomatoes LA Editor, talk about the myths of “middle age”, which is practically a four-letter word.  Influenced by our youth-obsessed culture, we fear that when we hit midlife, we stop being relevant and no longer have options—that it’s simply too late for us. Contradicting long-ingrained beliefs, Robi Ludwig draws on myth-busting data from scientific research and on her experience as a therapist to show midlife is not the beginning of our decline—it is actually a time to pursue our dreams. Learn more about Dr. Robi Ludwig and get her groundbreaking book, “Your Best Age is Now.” Listen in to this eye-opening conversation.

Episode #12: The Inside Story of The Creator of Brenda Starr Reporter

If you were a Brenda Starr fan, you’ll love this episode. Cheryl Benton chats with playwright Laura Rohrman, who also happens to be the granddaughter of Dale Messick the creator of the iconic cartoon strip, “Brenda Starr Reporter” which was in syndication for 40 years. At its peak, the comic strip was included in 250 newspapers and read by more than 60 million readers. Laura has written a play, Reporter Girl, that tells the story of her grandmother and reveals some of the secrets behind this iconic comic strip.  To learn more about Laura and Reporter Girl, visit or email

Episode #11: Stories, Imagination and the True Power of Fiction!

Guest: author/ writer, Lorraine Devon Wilke

If you love reading and your first impulse is to pick up a book of fiction, then you are making a truly powerful choice. It isn’t always just entertainment! Award winning author and writer, Lorraine Devon Wilke, joins our LA Editor, Debbie Zipp, in a lively and illuminating conversation delving into the importance of fiction and why it has such a powerful impact in our lives. Lorraine’s award-winning novels, After the Sucker Punch and Hysterical Love, are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her latest, The Alchemy of Noise, a literary fiction that digs deep into issues of privilege, profiling, and prejudice in contemporary Chicago, will be released April 2019. Learn more at her web site.

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Episode #10: The Art of Happiness with Randi Levin

What better topic for Happy Hour than the art of being happy. Host Cheryl Benton and Randi Levin, transitional life strategist, coach, author, and Fortune 500 keynote speaker, had a great conversation about how to be happy, right now, this very moment. Happiness is not the elusive chase of “ifs” – if only I get that job, that house, lose those 10 pounds – you know the story. Randi shares great tips on how to be happy now! And by the way, it’s okay to have an unhappy hour too. Listen to the end because Randi has two special offers (one is FREE). Learn more about Randi Levin at

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Episode #9: The Woman Behind Those “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Clothes

This week’s Happy House podcast with host Kim Selby, features an interview with Donna Zakowska, the inventive and creative costume designer for the beloved new Amazon show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. Emmy award winner Zakowska shares the behind scenes info on creating the costumes for the cast (she custom designed over 400 costumes for the main characters in season 2) and how important clothing is in moving the plot line forward and in contributing to the entire aesthetic of the show. Listen in at or just about anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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Episode #8: 3 Gals and A Guy Share Real Life Stories of Online Dating Over 40

Whether you’re recently divorced, widowed, or are just finally ready to date again, exploring the world of online dating can be overwhelming.  Join host Roni Jenkins in this week’s Happy Hour podcast. She had a conversation with four of her friends, Judy, Vanessa, Dawn, and John, who range in ages from their 40’s to their 70’s about online dating. Her guests shared their experiences and advice too, in this very real, funny, entertaining, and sometimes poignant episode.  Listen in at or just about anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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Episode #7: 45 Coffee Dates in 90 Days – Antonia Kasper’s Quest for Mr. Right

Hey ladies, it’s raining men today. Antonia Kasper, comedienne and actress, joins host Cheryl Benton for a very entertaining and informative chat about Antonia’s quest to find a mate. She went on 45 coffee dates in 90 days and turned that experience into a one woman show and a soon to be released book, “45 Coffee Dates – In Search of My Soul-Mate through cyberspace and beyond”. She also shares her online dating tips and her inspiring message that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to right find your Mr. Right. Follow Antonia on facebook  or email at

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Episode #6: Midlife Dating Advice with Ronnie Joy Krasner

Calling all you single Tomatoes. Need some help navigating the online dating jungle, or finding love in the wild? Listen in to this week’s episode with host Kim Selby, our SF Life editor and Ronnie Joy Krasner, a Certified Life Coach who specializes in coaching mid-life women on dating and relationships. Get Ronnie Joy’s great tips, including even what to wear to stand out. Married Tomatoes will pick up valuable info from her as well.  A coach, healer and spiritual advisor, Ronnie Joy will put a little joy in your life. Visit her web site to learn more. 

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Episode #5: Rate Your Mate and Finding Mr. Right with Beatty Cohan  

Today’s episode is for every woman out there who hasn’t had much success in finding Mr. Right. We’ve all met a few Mr. Wrongs along the way, and maybe even married one! Host Cheryl Benton, founder publisher of The Three Tomatoes, interviews Beatty Cohan, a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, and author of For Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love. You’ll get great advice on how to make better choices and how to find lasting love. Beatty is a national speaker, columnist for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Medium and The Three Tomatoes, where you’ll find her Ask Beatty column. She has been an expert guest on over 1,000 national and local radio and television shows.  She’s also the host of the ASK BEATTY SHOW on the Progressive Radio Network.

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Episode #4: Rock Your M.O.J.O with Deborah Kagan

Are you ready to start the New Year conquering your self-doubt and indecision to step into your full power, love who you are and live a turned-on, rocking, and mojolicious life? Listen in to this week’s episode with host Debbie Zipp, The Three Tomatoes LA Life editor, and her guest Deborah Kagan – the Mojo Recovery Specialist. She’s the creator of the Rock Your M.O.J.O. Programs, a best-selling author, popular speaker, mentor and founder/executive producer of VDAY Santa Monica. You’ll love their conversation about the Four Pillars of MOJO to help you connect with your true self-esteem and increase your enthusiasm for life. For all things mojolicious, check out Deborah Kagan’s web site.

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Episode #3: Get Moving with Fitness Guru Joan Pagano

Listen in and get your mind set and body ready to make fitness a daily habit with ten easy steps, no equipment required! Fitness expert Joan Pagano chats with host Roni Jenkins about smart manageable steps to create permanent habits. What’s the best fitness program in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond? And what’s the ONE most functional exercise for life? Joan Pagano is the author of best-selling fitness books, including the new release Strength Training Exercises for Women (DK, 2014), an informational speaker on health and fitness topics and the owner of Joan Pagano Fitness in New York City. Former trainer to Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, Joan has specialized in strength training for women since 1988. Read her fitness tips at The Three Tomatoes.

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Episode 2. Style & Fashion Tips for 2019 from Top Stylist Paul Julch

Listen in to this lively conversation with Kim Selby, The Three Tomatoes SF editor and a fashionista, with stylist Paul Julch debunking the “new year/new you” myth when it comes to fashion.  Paul believes anyone can have great style and his company, Urbanite | Suburbanite provides style inspiration and wardrobe styling to clients all over the country – including via Skype. Paul shares tips on how to shop the winter sales, but NOT before you’ve done a closet inventory; and how to weave trends into your personal style – or NOT; and much more! We love his philosophy, “If you love it, who cares if it’s on trend?” Visit Paul at Urbanite | Suburbanite and read his style advice at The Three Tomatoes, facebook, instragram, and twitter.

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Episode 1.  Resolution Motivation: Take Better Care of Ourselves – Barbara Hannah Grufferman

This is the time of year for resolutions and at the top of many of our lists is taking better care of ourselves and getting healthier and more active. Barbara Hannah Grufferman, is a recognized expert on positive aging. Her most recent book is   “Love Your Age: The Small Step Solution to a Better, Longer, Happier Life.” She contributes to HuffPost and AARP, and she’s also an ambassador for the National Osteoporosis foundation.  She didn’t start running until she was in our 50s and she has now run 6 marathons!!! Visit her web site.

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