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Season 2. Ep. #44. Love, Life, and Real Estate

Holly Parker is one of Manhattan’s most successful real estate brokers – she has sold over $8 billion of luxury real estate throughout her career at Douglas Elliman. She talked to us about her brand-new book, called Back on the Market, A Realtor’s Guide to Love and Life, which is a funny and poignant view of life after divorce that weaves in real estate as its metaphor. Learn more at

Season 2. Ep. #43. What You Need to Know About Your Lungs from a Top Doc

Our lungs, an organ often taken for granted, and their health are more important than ever in this time of COVID 19. Listen in to this indepth conversation with Dr. Michael Stephen, pulmonary clinician, researcher, academic and author of the soon to be released book BREATH TAKING, The Power, Fragility, and Future of Our Extraordinary Lungs. Dr. Stephen works with COVID 19 patients in addition to working with those with all lung diseases and has himself recovered from the virus. The conversation opens our eyes to the importance of mindfulness, awareness of our environment and sheds light on the history of lung disease. For more information, please visit

Season 2. Ep. #42. The Other Pandemic: Mental Health and Addictions

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and fears heighten, our guest today says there is a much bigger crisis that is NOT being reported that effects millions of people—and that’s mental health and drug addiction problems that have increased during lockdowns. A triple-board certified neurologist, Dr. Russell Surasky is also one of the top addiction specialists in the country. We talked about the toll this crisis has taken, addiction and the brain, and new and very hopeful treatments for addiction. Dr. Surasky says NO ONE is beyond reach. Learn more at and  Follow Dr. Surasky on Instagram and Facebook. 

Season 2. Ep. #42. Thanksgiving Reflections from The Three Tomatoes Team

Well we made it to Thanksgiving, and that alone is something to be grateful for this year. Among the many things we feel grateful for in this strange and most unusual year is each and everyone of you. We have a special Happy Hour Podcast today to all of you from The Three Tomatoes team. We talked about our personal experiences these past few months, lessons learned, and things we are thankful for. We hope you enjoy it!

Season 2. Ep. #41. Grieving for Your Pet

Have you ever lost a pet? For those who have, the grief is palpable and often debilitating. This week’s guest Reagan Pasternak, a well-known actress and now author, chats with Kim Selby, our SF Newsletter Editor about her new book, Griffin’s Heart, Mourning Your Pet with No Apologies. After the loss of her soul pet, Griffin, Reagan’s heart was breaking. To cope she wrote this book which is part memoir and part interactive guide. It is poignant and lovely and serves as guide to help others who have lost a pet deal with their feelings.

Season 2. Ep. #40. Everything You Need to Know about Hypothyroidism.

Did you know that over 30% of women are diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid gland? Symptoms can include fog brain, fatigue, hair loss, difficulty losing weight, and more. Listen in to this interview with Dr. Hugh Melnick, a well-known NYC endocrinologist, about the causes and treatments of this often-undiagnosed issue. A delightful gentleman who truly listens to his patients in order to diagnose and find the correct treatment plan.

Season 2. Ep. #39. Etiquette and Civility

Remember Miss Manners? Learning which fork to use?  How to sit properly? Etiquette looks a little different these days. This week’s episode, hosted by Kim Selby, our San Francisco Editor, chats with Rosalinda Randall –  etiquette and civility expert who focuses on personal communications skills. Her newest book is Keep Your Distance! Your guide to handling common dilemmas in uncommon times. Listen in for a fun and lively discussion and learn some tips on how to communicate properly, especially now!

Season 2. Ep. #38. Up Your Zoom Game with Emmy Winning TV Journalist Jane Hanson

If you spend time on Zoom (hello?) then you will be singing hallelujah when you listen in this great advice today from nine-time Emmy Award winning TV journalist Jane Hanson. An NBC anchor for years, and now a communications consultant, and host of Curious Jane, she shares some priceless advice on how to not only look your best on zoom, but even more importantly how to connect and communicate effectively. Learn more about Jane at

Season 2. Ep.#37. Positive and Healthy Aging

It’s more important than ever to stay positive and healthy, and to help us with that is our podcast guest this week, Barbara Hannah Grufferman.  She’s ​an award-winning, ​nationally ​recognized advocate for positive living​ and the author of two books on the topic. She is a frequent guest in national and local media and she recently launched the Menopause Cheat Sheet for women of every age.

Season 2. Ep. #36. How and Why to Build Your Personal Brand

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or one of the many people job searching right now, you need more than just a reputation for being exceptional, you need to have a compelling personal brand and a strategy. Our podcast guest, Janet Wise is a master career strategist and personal brand advisor who helps women thrive in their careers using a unique program called “The Branding Room.”Learn more here.

Season 2: Ep #35. A Physician Answers Our Skin Care Questions

This week’s Happy Hour Podcast is all about skin care. Kim Selby, our San Francisco editor interviews Dr. Sunitha Posina – the “Beauty Internist” who is passionate about skincare and shares her tips for looking your best at any age. Lots of great info is shared, like do you really need 10 products? Listen in to find out. Visit her website at

Season 2: Ep#34. The Secrets to Creating a Life that Fulfills You

Do you find you never have enough time? Are your days filled with things you don’t really enjoy? Do you have days when you feel scattered? Well here to help us find clarity, focus, and fulfillment is Deborah Goldstein, who is founder of Driven Professionals an organization that helps companies attract, retain, and promote exceptional talent, and she also helps individuals achieve balance in their professional and personal lives. And she is offering a 10% discount for her e-course and tool kit, “Intentional Productivity” with code “tomato.” Visit

Season 2: Ep#33. You were NOT Born to Suffer

Good to know right?  Join us this week as Kim Selby, our SF Editor interviews international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer. With an extensive background in alternative medical practices, meditation, religious studies, traditional medicine and self-healing, Blake shares insights on the philosophies outlined in his book, “You were NOT Born to suffer.” Practical suggestions and tips will help you discover how to love yourself and overcome self-destructive habits that prevent us from loving ourselves and fulfilling our life purpose.

Season 2: Ep#32. Re-ignite Your Spark

In this week’s podcast, Cheryl Benton interviews co-host Kim Selby, who is also our SF Editor of The Three Tomatoes. And while you’ve heard her bubbly personality in her podcast interviews, we thought it was high time for you to get to know the person behind the interviews and newsletter. Kim is a bundle of energy and ideas and she is really passionate about helping other women find their passions and we’ll hear about her new venture, “Ignite Your Spark” that is poised to do just.

Season 2: Ep#31. Tiaras and feminism

Grab your tiara and join us for today’s podcast with Hilary Levey Friedman. Kim Selby, our SF Editor chats with Hilary about her new book, “Here She Is: The complicated reign of the beauty pageant in America.” Hilary is a professor in the Education department at Brown University and daughter of a former Miss America. Her book is the perfect combination of the history or “herstory” of feminism interwoven into how pageants actually empower the feminist tradition.  Fun, enlightening and a delightful conversation that will change your opinion of the 100-year-old tradition of Miss America.

Season 2: Ep#30. Find Your Purpose and Passion

In this week’s podcast, Kim Selby, our SF Editor has a wonderful conversation with Genevieve Piturro, founder of the non-profit “Pajama Program” that donates new pj’s to children in shelters awaiting foster care. She shares her story of leaving corporate America and giving it all up to start a non-profit. She listened to a voice in her head and encourages us to do the same. Her delightful new book just launched, and it is perfect for this time of isolation. Purpose, Passion and Pajamas – How to transform your life, Embrace the human connection and Lead with meaning. Listen in and get some great takeaways to inspire you to do what makes your soul sing. Learn more at

Season 2: Ep#29. Taking Charge of Your Health

You know the maxim, knowledge is power? Well when it comes to our health, knowledge and information we can trust, is so important if you want to take charge of your health. And I’m very excited that our guest today is Beth Battaglino, the CEO of HealthyWomen, the premiere source on women’s health, which has been recognized by Forbes and Oprah Magazine as one of the top and most trusted women’s health web sites. We had a great conversation on taking care of yourself in midlife and beyond, and how to handle your health and wellness during this pandemic. Learn more at

Season 2: Ep#28. Meet Tie Dye Fashion Sensation Amber Richele

Our guest is creator, artist, fashionista and black female entrepreneur, Amber Richele. Her Tie Dye clothing capsules took off at the beginning of the Pandemic and then when the world rallied around the BLM movement, she could barely keep up with all the orders. A true Instagram success story listen in as Amber shares how she got started with help from her family.

Season 2: Ep#27. From George Clooney to Kim Kardashian: The Truth Behind Celebrity Do-Gooders!

Radio/TV personality, and author Cooper Lawrence discusses her just published book Celebritocracy, The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy, which exposes nonfictional accounts of the many instances when celebrity activism ended up causing more harm than good. This is a fascinating and eye-opening conversation of activism that goes wrong, celebrity pseudo experts (i.e., Gwyneth Paltrow) and much more.

Season 2: Ep#26. A Top Gynecologist Answers our Vagina Questions

We had a straightforward, no holds barred conversation with top gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a practicing gynecologist in Westchester County, New York, about our VAGINAS, sexual health and menopause.  She has co-authored three books:  The Complete A-Z for your V; The Sexual Spark; and V is for Vagina. She provides care to women of all ages and has delivered thousands of babies. But these days she focuses her practice on woman of post childbearing age and female sexual health. She suggested some great online resources too. Learn more at

Season 2: Ep#25. The Joys of Aging

We had a great conversation withJane Goldman, author of With No Regrets: Growing Older, Face It, Live It, Love It, (The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing) about embracing growing older. We talked about transitioning from corporate careers which once defined us, to discovering new passions and filling our soul; getting through the pandemic with a little help from our friends; and learning to love and accept ourselves. Jane’s book is available exclusively on Amazon.

Season 2. Ep #24. Are you ready to cannonball with confidence?

“Midlife is not a crisis, it’s an opportunity.” That’s the advice of our Happy Hour guest Amy Schmidt, founder of Fearlessly Facing Fifty whose mission is to empower and encourage women forty-plus to go all in and not lose their identity or become invisible. She’s also the author of Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond (published by The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing). We had a great conversation about how to overcome the obstacles we put in our way that keep us from moving positively and with excitement into the next best phase our life.

Season 2. Ep #23. What’s your personality number?

Are you curious what your number is? And by number, we are talking about your Enneagram type and number. Listen in to this fascinating interview with Suzanne Dion, an Enneagram teacher and coach. Learn about all 9 types in this personality assessment and how to use it as a professional and personal development tool. Suzanne co-authored a book The Enneagram, Relationships, and Intimacy, Understanding one another leads to loving better and living more fully. Listen carefully and determine the answer to “What is your type”? Learn more at

Season 2. Ep#22. Lust, Friendships, and Second Chances

We had a fun conversation with Phyllis Melhado about lust, friendship and second changes. Those are the themes of her recently published debut novel, The Spa at Lavender Lane, and it’s a perfect summer read and a great escape which we could all use right now. Phyllis is a woman of many accomplishment.  She was the Vice President of Public Relations at Estee Lauder for many years. Her writing has been published in Town & Country, and Cosmopolitan. She has also ghosted a best-selling beauty book as well as a nationally syndicated beauty column. She shares some of her beauty secrets too.  Learn more at

Season 2. Ep #21. Meet Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads

It’s time for another entertaining podcast. Listen in as Kim Selby, our San Francisco Editor chats with Carole Simone and Dorthy Tyo the hosts of “Two Ancient Semi-Enlightened Broads” on YouTube. These two have backgrounds that read like a well penned novel, Simone has been a practicing mystic for over 35 years. Dorthy is the owner of The Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. Their combined wisdom and wit and decades of life experience brings us a delightful schmoozing conversation.

Season 2. Episode #20. Is Middle Age Different for Guys?

So listen up Tomatoes, it’s not just women who struggle with middle age and we were so excited to welcome Chris Cimino and Rick Sommers who recently launched The Middle Aged Warriors podcast. We had a fun and illuminating conversation with these two terrific guys who want to encourage guys to—get this—talk about their feelings. You can listen to Chris and Rick at Middle Age Warriors.

Season 2. Episode #19. Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

Did you know that one in five people live with a mental health condition, but stigma and misinformation keep many from seeking help and finding support? May is mental health awareness month and featured on this episode are two mental health advocates to help us understand the issues facing millions of Americans and the obstacles that stand in the way of recovery. Madlyn Epstein Steinhart is the author of a book of poetry called, Put Your Boots on and Dance in the Rain, and Dior Vargas is on the staff of Bring Change to Mind, founded by actress Glenn Close. Learn more at

Season 2. Episode #18. Addicted to our Devices?

Anyone feel too attached to their devices?  Technology addiction is a real thing and today’s podcast guest Doreen Dodgen-Magee, psychologist, author and speaker chats with Kim Selby, The Three Tomatoes SF Editor about how important it is to take breaks from technology to gain back some of the gray matter. Doreen’s award winning book Deviced! Balancing life and Technology in a Digital World explores the effects of technology on our brain, relationships and personal lives. Theories in her book lead to a lively discussion as we learn the art of thriving in this technology drenched pandemic world. Visit her web site.

Season 2. Episode #17. Meet Organic Chef and Restauranteur Jesse Cool

In 1976 Jesse Cool opened the first organic restaurant in the country and currently operates Flea Street Café a local favorite in Menlo Park. In these days of sheltering we want our restaurants to survive. Listen in to this week’s podcast with Three Tomatoes SF editor Kim Selby and local Bay Area Restaurateur and chef Jesse Cool as they discuss the future of the restaurant industry, the creative ways Chefs and owners are making do and how important it is to give back at this time. Jesse has authored seven cookbooks, teaches, talks and shares her passion about healthy organic cooking – she is an original farm to table advocate! Learn more at

Season 2. Episode #16. Dealing with our Sadness and Grief During and after COVID19

Right now so many of us are feeling an overwhelming sadness and stress with the pandemic and many of us are grieving for loved ones we’ve lost. Here to help us deal with some of these feelings of stress, anxiety, grief, and chronic pain, is Dr. Bob Wright, “the stress relief doctor” and wellness coach. Join in the “mini vacation” exercise at the end of the podcast plus a special offer. Learn more at Stress Relief Now.

Season 2. Episode #15. Healing from Trauma

Whether or not we realize it, we are all experiencing trauma in 2020 and Ilene Smith, our podcast guest today shares methods we can employ now to reduce the effects of trauma from settling in our bodies in the future. Listen in to this timely conversation with SF Three Tomatoes Editor Kim Selby. Ilene’s book, “Moving Beyond Trauma” is a guide to helping us heal and create a life of ease and vitality. Through Somatic Experience therapy, we can all learn to heal from our past. Learn more about Ilene here.

Season 2. Episode #14. Boost Your Immunity

Wondering what supplements to take to boost your immune system? Today’s podcast features Kim Selby, our SF Editor speaking with groundbreaking nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas who shares valuable tips on how important it is to rid our bodies of inflammation especially in the time of Covid-19. Lyn-Genet is a bestselling author of the book “The Plan” which is an effective way to lose weight, improve health and get this, reverse aging! While we are sheltering in place, this is a great time to discover what foods may be causing inflammation in your own body.  Lyn-Genet will also be a panelist at our next Renewal Summit. She joins a panel of experts on aging backwards hosted by Kim Selby.  Learn more about Lyn here.

Season 2. Episode #13. Playful Mindfulness

This week’s podcast guest is Ted DesMaisions, creator of “Playful Mindfulness.” He teaches this class through Stanford’s continuing education classes, and he has authored a book of the same name. He merges meditation with the art of improvisation to help us live a more thoughtful and more rewarding life. Listen in as Kim Selby, our SF Editor chats with Ted and plays an improv game that gets them chuckling, something we all need in today’s world. Learn more at his website.

Season 2 Episode 12. Spirituality and Healing in Times of Crisis

Our guests are Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway and Rev. Victor Fuhrman, who also happen to be husband and wife. Their backgrounds are fascinating. Rev. Laurie Sue is known as the “romance” reverend and has married hundreds of couples. She is also a journalist and the former Editor-in-Chief of Playgirl Magazine. Rev. Victor was an armed forces broadcaster and is known as “Victor the Voice,” and has a radio show called, “Destination Unlimited.” He is a healer and spiritual counselor and post 9-11 he was a volunteer chaplain for the Red Cross.

Season 2. Episode 11.
Meet One of the “Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram”

Anyone out there think you are too old for social media like Instagram? Today’s fabulous podcast guest, Jan Correll, begs to differ. Kim Selby, our SF Editor spoke with Jan, whose intriguing brand is “Silver is the new Blonde.” Jan began her Instagram presence three years ago and now has over 65 thousand followers. Listen in as we find out how she was selected by the New York Times as one of the Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram! From technology sales to fashion and beauty influencer, Jan’s age positivity presence is booming, and she encourages us all to follow our dreams no matter what age. Follow her on Instagram.

Season 2. Episode 10. How to Keep from Freaking Out in Scary Times

We live in unprecedented times and with new phrases in our lexicon like “social distancing”, “self-quarantines” and shortages of things like toilet paper (!), no wonder we’re all stressed or actually freaking out. So here to help us all take a deep breath and calm down some is Dr. Robi Ludwig nationally known psychotherapist, award-winning reporter, and author.

Season 2. Episode 9. The Makeover Guy is in the House

If you’re a regular subscriber to The Three Tomatoes, Christopher Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy,” needs no introduction. His inspiring and transformative makeover videos have been viewed by tens of thousands of followers. Listen in to our SF editor Kim Selby’s interview with the dynamic and entertaining Christopher who truly cares about helping women feel great about themselves. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and we promise you’ll be binge watching.

Season 2. Episode 8. The Biggest Travel Trend? Healing Getaways

Have you ever returned from a vacation feeling like you actually need another vacation? Are you feeling physically and emotionally stressed? Have you put your health and your wellbeing on a back burner? Maybe it’s time for a healing vacation. Our guest today is ANNE BIGING, CEO of Healing Hotels of the World which she founded in 2006 anticipating people’s desire to experience personal transformation towards a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle, way beyond the average wellness vacation.

Season 2. Episode 7. Be Proactive about health

Today’s podcast features a most important message for everyone! It’s about empowering yourself to take control of your health. Kim Selby talks with Joan Peckolick, Director and Founder of Self-Chec, an organization that helps save lives by raising awareness of the importance of early detection and preventative action that help keep us healthy. It’s the best gift your can give yourself and those you love. Learn more at Self Chec where you will find terrific tips and tools and things to ask your doctor.

Season 2. Episode 6. Grace and Frankie’s Designer Shares How to Get their Style

Pop your collars Tomatoes and put on your boho caftans and listen in to this very special podcast. Kim Selby interviews Allyson Fanger, the Emmy Award nominated costume designer for Grace and Frankie.  Allyson talks about the style on our favorite show and the inspiration for the clothing for Grace and Frankie (Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin). We delve into how all of the characters’ personal development is reflected in their fashion choices (selected by Allyson of course!). Love Grace’s crisp and colorful shirts?  Pour yourself a martini, listen in and get the scoop.

Season 2. Episode 5. Exercise is the Key to Vitality

If you feel like you’re losing your youthful edge, you’re in good company.  At the age of 60, Jackie Kennedy sought exercise guru Joan Pagano’s help in a training program because she felt she was losing her youthful edge. Well for more than three decades, Joan has been on a mission to integrate physical fitness into her clients’ routines for them to achieve a healthy, active and productive life. We had a great conversation which will motivate you to get out from behind our computers, and off the couch, and regain your vitality! Learn more at

Season 2. Episode 4. How to Look Good in the Clothes You Have

It all starts with organizing your closet! Join host Kim Selby, our San Francisco Editor, as she has a fun and informative conversation with Stylist and Three Tomatoes contributor, Paul Julch. Paul shares tips on many ways to provide self-care through your wardrobe and these two fashionistas laugh and talk about renting clothes, fast fashion vs. investment pieces and so much more. Learn more at Urbanite | Suburbanite

Season 2. Episode 3. Do Cheaters Always Win?

Pour yourself a glass of wine right now, because we’re talking about the “C” word today – Cheating. Does the very word make you a little uncomfortable? High profile cheating is all over the news these days – from Jeff Bezo’s infidelity, to the college admissions scandal, and now the latest baseball scandal – cheating is everywhere. Does everyone cheat? Is there more cheating going on now than in the past, or has our relationship to cheating changed over time? Well here to answer these provocative questions is historian and New York Times Bestselling author, J.M. Fenster, whose latest book is titled, “Cheaters Always Win, The Story of America.”

Season 2. Episode 2. Feeling Burned Out?

Feeling burnout after the Holidays or just in general?  Join host Kim Selby, the SF Editor of The Three Tomatoes, as she has an in-depth conversation with author, energy healer and Holistic Registered nurse, Jennifer Marcenelle.  You will learn how Jennifer healed herself from extreme burnout (a health crisis and near suicide) and turned her life around after working for many years as a critical care nurse and a top executive in a medical sales company. Jennifer also gives a quick tip on how to calm down and manage your own burn out. Her book “From Burning out to Burning Bright,” will show you ways to heal your own emotional or physical pains. Tomatoes, you will love this! Learn more here.


Season 2. Episode 1. Travel the World in 30 Minutes.

Fasten your seat belts Tomatoes, because you’re about to travel the world from Andorra to Zimbabwe in the next 30 minutes. Our guest is Lea Lane who gives new meaning to “world traveler.” Lea Lane is an award-winning travel writer and author of 9 travel books, including her latest travel memoir, “Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries,” (published by The Three Tomatoes Book Publishing.) You’ll be inspired to start packing your bags.

Season 1 Podcast Archives Here.

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