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Yes, we do love happy hour, and the clinking of glasses in cheers to all of you fabulous women who are fully living your lives at every age and every stage. And here’s the best news – every hour is happy hour. So whether you clink cheers with your coffee mug, or your afternoon cappuccino, remember as the song says, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Join us for some grownup fun, interesting, and stimulating conversations that will motivate, inspire, or just make you laugh.  Cheers!

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Season 3. Ep. 27

Grab a glass your favorite wine and listen in to this Happy Hour Episode with winemaker Steven Kent Mirassou, founder of the Steven Kent Winery in Livermore, California. His new book, Lineage, Life and Love and Six Generations in California Wine is a personal memoir, that weaves his story, his family’s story, and the story of wine making, with such beautiful, exquisitely rich descriptions that the reader experiences how it looks and feels to be a winemaker. A perfect holiday gift for wine lovers. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep. 26. Mom…You Just Need to Get Laid

In this episode we talked to Kate Somerset about dating in midlife. She is the author of the recently published book, Mom You Just Need to Get Laid…The Adventures of Dating After Divorce which tells her hilarious true account of moving from Texas to NYC after her divorce, and her foray into dating.  The book tells the stories of 15 men she dated, and you’ll be charmed, amused and inspired.  Learn more at

Season 3. Ep. 25. Celebrating Veterans Day Remembering Bob Hope

We had an awesome conversation with Martha Bolton, the first female comedy staff writer for Bob Hope. She recently collaborated with Bob Hope’s daughter, Linda Hope to create a beautiful new book, DEAR BOB … Bob Hope’s Wartime Correspondence with the G.I.s of World War II. We talked about Martha’s amazing career, her fond memories of Bob Hope, and his special connections with G.I.s around the world for over five decades.


Season 3. Ep. 24. Connecting with Others Through Empathy

Dr. Annabelle Bugatti is a licensed marriage and family therapist and expert on emotionally focused therapy. She helps individuals and couples learn how to love better and have successful lives and relationships. In this episode she shares how important it is to connect to others through empathy. Something we all need to develop as we navigate life today. Her latest book is titled “Using Relentless Empathy to connect with Challenging and Difficult clients.” It’s geared towards health professionals, but so helpful for all of us.

Season 3. Ep. 23. Improve Your Vision Naturally

Most of us Tomatoes either wear glasses or know someone who does, whether for reading or distance. And wouldn’t it be nice to lose them for good? Listen in to this fascinating conversation with Meir Schneider who was born with cataracts and was legally blind until the age of 17 when he learned exercises that enabled him to see for the first time. Now 50 years later, Meir has taught thousands of individuals how to improve their own vision naturally and without surgery. He is the author of three books on self-healing and holds seminars and workshops worldwide. Learn more here

Season 3. Ep. 22. Become the Happiest Person You Know

Feeling overwhelmed or unable to make decisions? Dr. Dravon James, a pharmacist, actress, life coach, inspirational speaker and thought leader, has suggestions that will help you navigate life with a different outlook. Her positive nature will inspire you to become the leader of your own life. Learn more at:


Season 3. Ep. 21. “Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old”

Many of us think we are not going to do what the elders in our life did. You know, like driving well past the time when we shouldn’t. Award-winning journalist Steven Petrow addresses these issues in his book, “Stupid Things I won’t Do When I Get Old.” It’s a funny and honest look at aging and a guidebook for all of us as we head into elderhood. You will laugh out loud and perhaps shed a few tears.  Steven is a columnist for The Washington Post, USA Today and a contributing writer for The New York Times as well as reaching the over 2 million mark for views of his TED talk. Learn more at:

Season 3. Ep. 20. From Flight Attendant to Global Business Mogul


With true grit and determination, Gayle Martz created the soft-sided pet carrier category from scratch and turned it into a global brand. Gayle shares some of the trials, tribulations, and challenges along the way. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a budding entrepreneur, a pet lover, or you just love hearing success stories, this episode is for you. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep. 19. Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?


That’s the title of the most recent book co-authored by our guest Richard Leider about aging purposefully. This inspiring conversation brings to light how important it is for us all to have a purpose in life, particularly as we move from “adulthood” to “elderhood.” He is founder of Inventure the Purpose Company, and his books have sold over a million copies. Tune in and learn to live a life of purpose.

Season 3. Ep. 18. Chakras and Food: A Revolutionary Approach to Eating

Tomatoes, are you familiar with the Chakra System? Perhaps you’ve heard the term and know a little bit about these energy centers. Listen in to this lively interview with Cyndi Dale, one of the authors of the new book, “Chakras Food and You,” a revolutionary approach that customizes health assessments based on the chakras. Spoiler alert, it’s ok to eat that chocolate cookie! Get the book.

Season 3. Ep. 17. The Power of Dreams

Did you know unlocking the messages in your dreams can improve relationships, careers, health, wealth and so much more? Listen in to this fascinating conversation with Kelly Sullivan Walden, one of America’s premiere dream analysts. A regular on many national talk shows, she has worked with thousands of people, including celebrities to unlock their dreams. She’s also the author of 10 best-selling books, including her newly released Luminous Humanness: 365 Ways to Go, Grow & Glow to Make it Your Best Year Yet. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep 16. A Fascinating Conversation about Replacement Children

What do Elvis Presley, Barbara Walters, Katherine Hepburn, and countless others have in common? They were replacement children. Rita Battat and Dr. Abigail Brenner, discuss this topic and their let us know that no matter what your age, you can always heal! Learn more

Season 3. Ep.15. Why Dress? A conversation with designer Gabrielle Carlson

If you’re rediscovering your clothes, you will love today’s Happy Hour episode with New York City fashion designer Gabrielle Carlson. We have been one of her many fans for years and it’s not just about her beautiful clothes in fabulous fabrics and colors that are designed for real women. We talked about how she pivoted her business during the pandemic, including making masks, and her philosophy on always dressing your best. Visit her web site:

Season 3. Ep. 14. The Joy of Living: A Conversation with Barry Shore

After a rare disease paralyzed him from the neck down, Barry Shore created the Joy of Living institute, a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation. Kim Selby had an inspiring conversation with him discussing his new book “The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy.” You will definitely be inspired by his energy, words and practical ways to live in joy. Learn more at:

Season 3. Ep. 13. Celebrating National Poetry Month

We were so excited to celebration National Poetry Month with three poets who are poet laureates at The Three Tomatoes: Carol Ostrow, author of Poems from My Pandemic Pen, Stephanie Sloane, author of Dear Me, and Nicole Freezer Rubens, author of The Long Pause and the Short Breath. They each did readings of some of their latest poems. You’ll find their poetry monthly at The Three Tomatoes.

Season 3. Ep. 12. Memo to Brands: You Just Don’t Get Women Over 40

When it comes to marketing to women over 40, brands either don’t see us, or don’t see us as we see ourselves. Why are so many advertisers missing the mark? Erica Fite, a Co-Founder of Fancy, a woman owned NYC ad agency that specializes in helping brands understand how to market to women with a special expertise over 40, 50, 60 and beyond, shares her insights. They recently surveyed 500 women over 40 who had a lot to say on this topic.

Season 3. Ep. #11. Find Your “Soul” Purpose

What an inspiring conversation with Paula Jennings.  Originally from Ireland, Paula came to NYC with barely enough money to make her first month’s rent. However, she boldly marched onward, landing a job on Wall Street and becoming COO of a global bank. After 25 years she had an ahah moment and realized her true purpose was empowering women. Today she has a transformational coaching business where she helps people live passionately, find their “soul” purpose and shine their true selves. Learn more about her journey. Listen in here: or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Season 3. Ep. #10. An Interview with George Chakiris Oscar winner West Side Story

George Chakiris was an absolute delight. He shares the background story of West Side Story the movie, and the London theater version which he also played in and many more stories. Like working with Marilyn Monroe twice, and Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby in White Christmas. His first meeting with Elizabeth Taylor, and evening with Brigitte Bardot and so much more.

Season 3. Ep. #9. Travelling Again, Long Haul Covid, and Much More

Are you missing travel? Are you wondering where you can travel now and what the future of travel looks like? Our guest is award winning travel writer Lea Lane who has visited over 100 countries and wrote a wonderful memoir about her travels called “Places I Remember.” She is also a blogger at, a contributor to dozens of guidebooks, and she recently launched a travel podcast.” She also talks about being a “Covid long hauler” and discovering she had breast cancer during the pandemic. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep.#8. Embrace Your Crazy!

The Three Tomatoes hosted a fun and inspiring event in honor of Women’s History Month in honor of all the “crazy” women ground breakers.  Joining us were the women behind “Know Your Crazy,” a little artbook with a big message that you’re not alone in your crazy. You’ll meet multimedia artist Vivienne Boucherat who created her “little mad women,” and co-creators of the book Cindy da Silva and Rene Harbison. Special guests include: Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, and Maya Maya Azucena singer, song writer and activist for women’s empowerment. Learn more at You can watch the video of the event here.

Season 3. Ep. #8. Missing Broadway? Now You Can Listen to Broadway

We had a great conversation with Tony & Emmy award winning producer, director, writer, Dori Berinstein, who is also co-founder of the Broadway Podcast Network, featuring Broadway stars, cast reunions and new shows created just for podcasts. Dori’s awarding shows include The Prom, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and many, many more. Listen in here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Learn more at Broadway Podcast Network.

Season 3. Ep #7. Celebrating 100 Podcasts

Times flies when you interview amazing people – celebrities, authors and experts in all kinds of fields. So fun celebrating this milestone with the 3T team.

Season 3. Ep. #7. Meet Zibby Owens NYC’s Most Powerful Book Influencer

If books make you happy, you will love meeting Zibby Owens who is the creator and host of the award-winning podcast Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books where she has wonderful conversations with authors. During the pandemic she launched an online magazine, “We Found Time” and invited many of the authors she has interviewed to write essays. Those essays are now a delightful book, Moms Don’t Have Time To…A quarantine anthology.

Season 3. Ep. #6. Anyone out there suffering from stress or anxiety?

 We know that this has been a challenging year for all us and there is sure to be a bit of stress that has been stirred up. We have some tips today from our guest, Brett Cotter, a stress relief expert who has been helping companies and individuals deal with stress and anxiety for over 20 years. He is the author of The Three Keys to Managing PTSD – The Warrior’s Guide to Overcoming Combat Trauma – but spoiler alert we may all suffer from PTSD at one point in our life, no combat required! Brett shares a simple technique for managing stress and has a special offer! Learn more about Brett at  

Season 3. Ep. #5. Meet the Holistic Pet Vet

We all love our pets, and there’s nothing worse seeing our pets in pain or in decline as they age. This week’s guest is Dr. Tori Countner, founder of The Balanced Pet Vet.  As a holistic and integrative veterinarian, she focuses on a balanced approach to medicine and lifestyle. Some of the techniques she uses sound positively human – like acupuncture, laser treatments, and massage. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep. #4. The Secrets of Happy People

The more you chase happiness the more it will elude you. We had a fascinating and enlightening conversation about happiness and what happy people have in common, with psychologist Joan Neehall. She is the author of a brand-new book called, Happiness is the New Healthy that dares us to take charge of our emotional health and gives us the tools to do that. We also discussed the last chapter of her book about emotional well-being even during the pandemic. Learn more at

Season 3. Ep. #3. We’re Not Done Yet

Hey Tomatoes! Who’s Not Done Yet? We aren’t, and our guest on this weeks’ podcast Bonnie Marcus certainly isn’t. In fact, she has written a book called Not Done Yet, How women over 50 regain their confidence and claim workplace power. By digging deep into her own reinvention, making no excuses and sharing the stories of other women over 50, Bonnie provides tips and practices to help women claim the late-stage career success they deserve. Our SF editor, Kim Selby talks with Bonnie about ageism in the workplace and we get some practical tips to help us own our power. Spoiler alert: take a deep dive into the story you tell yourself! Bonnie can be found at

Season 3. Ep. #2. Conversational Intelligence®: What it is and why it matters

Neurological and cognitive research has shown that words matter and the way we connect, engage, interact, and influence others enables us to shape reality, mind-sets, events, and outcomes in a collaborative way. This is the basis of Conversational Intelligence®. Meet three top global organizational coaches, who are also 3 of the 15 co-authors of “Changing Conversations for a Changing World” as they discuss how they have applied Conversational Intelligence® in the real world to help leaders lead effectively in a changing world.

Learn more at:

Season 3. Ep. #1 Manifest What You Want

Actress and singer Sterling Mire has a proven method to help you on your way to achieving what you most desire and now she is sharing it in her new book, The AOM System— Manifestation Mastery in 30 Days. She has worked with over 4,000 clients, both individuals and companies, including People Magazine, Google and Entertainment Weekly. Tune in to hear some of the ways you can get started on your own manifestation journey. Learn more about Sterling and her book at

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