Fed Up With Body Shaming?  You Have Lots In Common With Jennifer Aniston

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I never knew how much Jennifer Aniston and I had in common.

Fed Up With Body Shaming?  You Have Lots In Common With Jennifer AnistonOh, not that the paparazzi follows me around and is endlessly commenting on my looks, or because I am a celebrity and the world just can’t get enough of me.

But on how we both are fed up with the unrealistic, unfair and unkind judgements women are subjected to over and over again. We share the belief that Body Shaming has got to stop, and speaking up is one way to make that happen.

Women are constantly getting the message from magazine and TV celebrity profiles, that anything resembling a ‘normal’ body shape should be labeled as fat or pregnant.

Yeah people, we ladies have tummies, fatty deposits all over our bodies and skin not a tight as it once was, which in all honesty is NORMAL!

I love what Jennifer Aniston wrote for the Huffington Post:

“For the record, I am not pregnant,”.  “What I am is fed up.”

“I resent being made to feel ‘less than’ because my body is changing and/or I had a burger for lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and therefore deemed one of two things: ‘pregnant’ or ‘fat,’ ” she continued to write.

So let me tell you how I really do have something in common with the rightfully fed up actress.

When I was in my 20’s, I booked a massage as a treat, after a long and grueling 3 day business retreat.

Keeping in mind that I weighed about 20 pounds less than I do now, my body shape was pretty darn close to Jennifer Aniston’s.

Upon entering the spa, my masseuse asked me, “do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?”

Fed Up With Body Shaming?  You Have Lots In Common With Jennifer AnistonOnce I collected myself, I responded with “I’m having a burger with fries.”

See, I told you Jennifer Anniston and I had a lot in common.

FYI We also attended both attended The Performing Arts High School, as in the 1980 film Fame, just not at the same time. Her acting career went just a bit further than mine.

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