Tawny Port, the Color of the Season

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Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Daily Outfit

Tawny Port, the Color of the Season

Fall’s new trend colors

When you have built your wardrobe to match your personal style and every piece you own is one you love, your Fall and into winter shopping is simply easy.

A few new pieces to refresh your looks will suffice to explore the new trend colors,  if they work for you, replace a tried & true classic and/or try a new silhouette.

I’ll take you head-to-toe through my Fall shopping so you can see how this works.  I hope you’ll be inspired to add something new!

Color Inspiration:  Tawny Port

Tawny Port, the Color of the SeasonI chose to focus on this season’s trend color:  Tawny Port.  We need everything this color brings:  strength of character, dignity, calling in your allies and pulling from the deepest reserves of your power.  This color is deeply powerful — there is a reason this is the color of royalty!  For more on the power of this color, check out Old Calya.

Self-Care:  Origins Night-A-Mins Night Cream $44

Tawny Port, the Color of the Season

When I turned 40, I switched up my spending to focus more on skin care and less on my hair.  I began adding a facial to my self-care ritual of eyebrow waxing, eyelash tinting, pedicure and a hair cut.  For me, it made a huge difference to safeguard my skin and care for it more deeply as I grow older.

I know that for some of you, hair color and highlights are a non-negotiable.  I was just talking with a dear friend about this topic and she told me it is absolutely a must for her.  If this resonates for you, I encourage you to consider your hair coloring ritual as a choice, however, and celebrate it as such — instead of feeling like a “have-to” or a burden.  Also, remember to go lighter with your color rather than sticking to what your color was in your 20s or 30s. Otherwise, you unwittingly highlight your wrinkles as well!

This cream is a lovely formulation with a delicious smell.  After cleansing and toning, add an eye cream and dip your fingers into this rich cream to get ready for your night’s sleep. Origins available at Amazon,

Statement Piece:  Dressy Top $69

In the holiday season, you may be called upon to attend a number of dressy events even within your own family, not to mention work and friends.

These blouses can do it all.

Tawny Port, the Color of the Season

Whether Plus (right), available from Nordstrom  or Petite or Misses (left), also available from Nordstrom, you can find a statement top that works for you.  An overall pattern works to hide stains, which is ideal for feast days or cocktail parties but a dark color also works well for that purpose.

For those of you who are afraid of pattern but want to try it, just use your features as a guide.  Match the size of your features to the size of the pattern.

A split or vee-neckline is flattering on almost anyone, while a crewneck can be styled with a necklace to frame your face.  Those of you who want more coverage in the bust area or need to smooth out your tummy line will want to employ a camisole. This is a good one: Women’s Halogen Seamless Two-Way Camisole.

Over denim, leather leggings or with a trouser, this blouse will take you through the holidays with aplomb.

Investment Piece:  Kate Spade Cross-Body Bag $198

Tawny Port, the Color of the SeasonI love this little bag in Fall’s trend color.  It’s a lovely accent to my color story for work (pink, black, cream) and Mommy (navy, grey, cream) looks.  If you’re not sure what a color story is, check out my post, “Which Hue is Right for You?” to understand this integral aspect to my personal style formula.

The bag itself is pebbly leather, which weathers daily use well.  There is an outside pocket which I use for my glasses, I put my wallet right inside and use the smaller pocket for my phone, lip gloss, Lactaid pills, car key and a pen.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on this lovely bag.  The design is clean and simple and it holds everything I need. Get it at Nordstrom.

Love it!

Foundations:  Hanky Panky Retro Thong $23

Tawny Port, the Color of the SeasonI have loved Hanky Panky ever since a client recommended them to me as the most comfortable undies out there.  They conquer the VPL issue (visible panty lines) and look super-pretty on.  I like the retro better than the classic because it gives me some coverage in the belly area.  After two babies, I enjoy that!

Every Summer, I order new foundations in a dark color and light color at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.  Hanky Panky’s are not inexpensive, so it makes good sense to take advantage of sale-time to do so.  Always order a color close to your skin tone for lighter-colored garments so they do not show through.

These are also available in Plus Size.

Staple Item: Black Crop Trousers $69

Tawny Port, the Color of the SeasonI love jeans and wear them almost exclusively, but some occasions call for a proper trouser.  You can wear these with a tee and bomber for a more casual look or dressed up with a blouse, heels and a clutch.  They are stretch, so they move with you, but are also mid-rise to give you coverage on the belly and bum.

In the warmer months, a crop trouser is a fabulous transitional piece.  Be careful to find one that crops at the ankle, not the calf, so that you keep your look long and lean vs chunky. These come in Misses and Petite sizing. For a Plus version, try these from Vince Camuto: Plus Size Women’s Vince Camuto Front Zip Slim Ankle Pants.

In the cooler months, I’m in my leather leggings for dressier occasions, but I’m considering purchasing the longer version of this trouser: Women’s Halogen Stovepipe Pants.

My neutral is black, which I balance with florals, paisleys and softer colors and textures on top to keep my look grounded yet approachable and fun.

If you have larger hips like me, you’ll want to keep the color and interest on your lower half low and focus on your torso instead.  If your hips are narrow, bypass these and opt for pattern, color and texture on your lower half.  It’s all about balance!

Fall Shopping List Budget:  ~$630

My philosophy to building your wardrobe is that it’s like buying your house minus about three zero’s.  At first, you can expect to spend quite a bit.  The amount will vary.  For example, I had a client who only needed to buy one jacket after creating her personal style — she had all the pieces she needed within her wardrobe already, she just needed to wear them!  On the other hand, I’ve had clients who went out and bought entirely new wardrobes.

For maintenance, I budget about $250/month including self-care.  That would include the items above plus my hair-cut and visit to the salon for my skin care and grooming.  Everyone’s comfort level with spending is different, but hopefully that gives you a barometer.

Most of my clients have come to me feeling they have been wasting money on their wardrobes because they didn’t necessarily know what to buy and didn’t feel good about purchasing items they weren’t sure about.

After working with me, you start to learn exactly what works — and why.  Once you know that feeling, you won’t want to go back!

After Your Fall Shopping, Take Some Time For You

While the holidays are all about gratitude and giving, it’s important to take pockets of time out just for you.  Even if this is only 10 minutes of sitting with your eyes closed in a sunny spot, please do take that time.  Consider what is most important to you and yours about the holiday rituals and commit only to those events.  “No, thank you” is a powerful phrase to invoke this season — and will increase your joy ten fold!

Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach. Through her unique formula, she helps you create a personal style you can inhabit with ease.  She is a global nomad who currently lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband, two kids and a sweet Dutch bunny. Visit her web site, DailyOutfit.com.

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