Covering up those roots

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So for many Tomatoes out there, our local hair salons have been forced to close, and even if they are open, many of us are not comfortable visiting them at this point in time. So what’s a Tomato to do if your roots are showing or you’re really in desperate need of color? Here are some suggestions.

Temporary Root Touch Up Products

Covering up those roots

There are actually many excellent products out there that are temporary root touchups – they usually last until you wash your hair. So check them out, and you don’t have to worry about any long term screw up if you picked the wrong color. There are spray ons and powders, but we prefer the powderes. You’ll find many of these on Amazon.

Do It Yourself Hair Color

If you’ve never done your hair root touch up or full hair color at home, it’s really not that hard. And the products out there now make it very easy too. And if you screw up, when you can go back to your hair salon, they can easily fix the color. So here are some excellent articles and a couple of how to videos.

How to Dye your Hair at Home Like a Pro

How to Dye Your Hair Roots Yourself


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