Clever Uses for Household Items

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These everyday things do double-duty 

Article Courtesy Woman’s Day

Check out these clever uses for household items. From a toilet cleaner you’ll find in your medicine cabinet to low-cost way to fix stinky shoes, we’ve got smart solutions, using stuff you have sitting around the house.

earringsKeep your earrings together with buttons

Tired of rummaging through your jewelry box to only find one of your favorite earrings? Keep them easily paired by looping them through button holes. Not only does this work on hanging earrings and studs, but it’s an easy way to keep your earrings stored when traveling.

dryer sheets, the three tomatoesUse dryer sheets to freshen stinky shoes

Good News: You’re making good on your promise to hit the gym every day. Bad news: You’re running shoes and gym bag smell to high heaven!  Until you can give them a good wash this weekend, air out those bad boys by stuffing dryer sheets in them and leaving over night. The sheets will absorb the odor so you can hit the gym tomorrow, odor free!

clever uses for household items, makeup brushes, the three tomatoesMakeup brushes can clean your keyboard

Like it or not, we all too often eat lunch at our desks. And even if we’re good about cleaning our area, inevitably we drop crumbs in our keyboard. Gross! An easy way to clean our keyboards is by wiping them with makeup brushes. The cheap ones are fine, and small or large, they work like a charm.

clever uses for household items, wine bottles the three tomatoesWine bottles can make your boots stand upright

Make use of those leftover wine bottles by cleaning them out and placing them into your boots to keep their shape. The average wine bottle works in almost every boot, and they won’t stretch them out like some shoe shapers can.

clever uses for household products, alka seltzer, the three tomatoesClean your toilet with Alka Seltzer

So you’re having friends for dinner in 20 minutes, and you’ve just noticed your grimy toilet? No worries, drop in a couple of tablets Alka Seltzer, leave for ten minutes then easily wipe scum away! The fizzing action of Alka Seltzer works as a powerful cleaning agent, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

clever users for household items, ice cube trayTurn an ice cube tray into a jewelry organizer. If you’ve got an ice-maker, you probably don’t need those extra trays that are sitting in your freezer. But the trays are perfect for sorting rings and small earrings.

From entertaining, to creative uses for everyday household items, you’ll find a wide range of experts and guests with great suggestions.

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From entertaining, to creative uses for everyday household items, you’ll find a wide range of experts and guests with great suggestions.

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