Container Gardening

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We love the whole concept of container gardening. First, if you have a deck or patio, or even a small apartment terrace (with sun) you can grow some amazing treats, including figs and blueberries.  Yep – we’re actually growing both on our deck right now. A neighbor gave us a fig tree cutting last year and for Mother’s Day we were gifted with a hybrid blueberry bush.  We’ve got our fingers crossed, and found a couple of great line videos with the details that we’re sharing, along with the photos of our plants.

Turns out fig trees actually like the confines of a pot.  And they’re easier to control than planting outside where they can spread and also need to protected if you live in cold weather climates.  With the container, all we have to do is put it in the garage and let it go dormant in the winter and then bring it back out.

Container Gardening

This is fig tree that started from a little offshoot from our neighbor’s fig tree.  We’ll keep you posted if we actually get fruit this year.  Below is a  video on growing a fig tree in a container.


We received this beautiful blueberry bush for Mother’s Day that’s specifically grown for containers.  The bush itself makes a beautiful ornamental plan and hopefully we’ll get berries too –  you can see the flowers starting now.  Blueberries also need acidic soil to grow well, and it’s easier to monitor that in a container too.

Container Gardening

Here’s a video on growing blueberries in a pot.


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