Camera Ready Lipstick Tips

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Joan Lunden knows a thing or two about being camera ready. Want her camera ready look? Check out these tips for putting on lipstick so it’ll stay on all day long from her long time makeup artist Emir Pehilj!



  1. Start with a Lip Pencil: You can outline, but follow the line along the lip. Never go outside. I like to use the lip pencil to fill in the inside of the lips too so that they do not bleed and so that as the lipstick wears off, there is still some color underneath. (Use Laura Mercier Lip Pencil
  2. Pick a Base Color: We like a soft pink that will be a good base with out really adding a lot of color to the lips. Joan prefers the look and feel of a creamy lipstick instead of the brightly colored long lasting lipsticks that tend to be very dry. Since Joan is a blonde, I recommend a softer color for an overall softer look. (Use Essan Laurent Creamy Lipstick and Mac Cremesheen Lipstick
  3. Pick your Main Color: Next, pick the final color you would like to use on your lips. For Joan, I recommend a color in the pink or coral family and to use a creamy lipstick since lip glosses tend to wear off more quickly. (Use Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel)
  4. Consider Highlighting the Center of your Lip: This is a good trick to break up the color a little more and add some definition to your lip. Joan sometimes applies a softer color just in the center of her lips to highlight her lip. This is similar to applying blush to highlight, or accentuate, your cheekbone.
  5. Consider Highlighting Around your Lip: I usually use Touche Eclat. This should match your skin tone and can be used to further define the lip and prevent bleeding. I pump it once before gently outlining the outside of the lip. I create a line and then quickly blend with the brush tip. It is best to start from the outside corner and work towards the center of the lip. This is especially useful when you are using softer color lipsticks to make your lips appear brighter. (Use Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

Joan’s go-to hair and make-up artist, she jokes that she “doesn’t leave home without him!”  Born in what was then called Yugoslavia, Emir Pehilj comes from a small town near Dubrovnik. After completing his education in Europe as a hair stylist, Emir launched his career in New York, assisting Serge Norman and Gavin Harwin. Emir has also worked as a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist at Bergdorf Goodman’s John Barrett Salon. He studied under celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier and worked with the famed Linda Cantello. With the guidance of these beauty professionals, Emir developed his own techniques. His talent and experience catapulted him into the world of haute couture. Emir has done hundreds of makeovers for real women. He is most renowned for his eyebrow shaping. Clients have joked that eyebrows done by Emir are the most cost-effective facelift…and there’s no anesthesia necessary! “I find inspiration in the women I work with.  A client will find that I’m able to enhance her look while staying true to who she is.” –Emir

Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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