November Book Event: Michael Riedel

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If you love to read and enjoy stimulating conversations about books with like-minded women, and with the authors of the books we have selected, then this is the BOOK CLUB for you.

November Book Event: Michael Riedel

Broadway Will Triumph Again – An Evening with Michael Riedel

We’re delighted to announce that our November book club guest is Michael Riedel, whose latest book, One Singular Sensation, The Triumph of Broadway will be released on November 10. Following his New York Times bestseller, “Razzle Dazzle, The Battle for Broadway, ”his latest book tells the  extraordinary story of the 1990s on Broadway, a transformative decade, featuring gripping behind-the-scenes accounts of shows such as Rent, Angels in AmericaChicagoThe Lion King, and The Producers—shows that changed the history of the American theater.

Michael Riedel is an American theatre critic, broadcaster, and columnist. He is the co-host of “Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning” on 710 WOR in New York City, weekdays 6-10am. Riedel has been a controversial and influential Broadway columnist of the New York Post for over 20 years.

We’ll discuss his new book and his insiders’ perspective on when and how Broadway will come back post-pandemic.

It will be a fun, delightful, and insightful FREE evening with Michael, who is fun, smart, and irreverent.

Wine Pick selected by Michael Riedel

November Book Event: Michael Riedel

We’ll start off our event with a wine tasting with a wine selected by Michael who will talk about why he likes this one, SPA VALLEY SAVIGNON BLANC from New Zealand. .

More About One Singular Sensation

American musical comedy made its grand return, culminating in The Producers, while plays, always an endangered species on Broadway, staged a powerful comeback with Tony Kushner’s Angels in America. A different breed of producers rose up to challenge the grip theater owners had long held on Broadway, and corporations began to see how much money could be made from live theater.

And just as Broadway had clawed its way back into the mainstream of American popular culture, the September 11 attacks struck fear into the heart of Americans who thought Times Square might be the next target. But Broadway was back in business just two days later, buoyed by talented theater people intent on bringing New Yorkers together and supporting the economics of an injured city.

Michael Riedel presents the drama behind every mega-hit or shocking flop, bringing readers into high-stakes premieres, fraught rehearsals, tough contract negotiations, intense Tony Award battles, and more. From the bitter feuds to the surprising collaborations, all the intrigue of a revolutionary era in the Theater District is packed into Singular Sensation. Broadway has triumphs and disasters, but the show always goes on.


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