Beauty Resolutions

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It’s the time of year again where we’re already thinking about what old habits we’re going to change once the clocks strike midnight – getting fit, drinking less…but what about your beauty routine? beautypress gives you some top tips for a radiant new year!
Body Beautiful 

Just because it’s not bikini season doesn’t mean to say we can’t keep our skin in shape – a good regular pamper can benefit your body all year round! Exfoliation and moisturizing are vital for keeping the pesky sights of cellulite and stretch marks at bay – take 5 minutes extra for a good scrub in the shower and by the time beach season comes around you’ll be more than ready to show off the results! Bathing in the evening is a great time to give yourself some TLC – by applying body, hand and foot creams at night, it gives them more time to soak in, leaving your skin supple for longer…

Preening Routine 

As well as caring for your body, we should also make provisions for our face care routine. Normally associated with digestive-happy yoghurts, Probiotic Skincare is a new trend that is set to be huge for 2018. Probiotics are a new way to help cells flourish, as the bacteria cell content interacts with receptors to modulate the immune response, causing a soothing of inflammation in the skin. Why is this important?
The natural bacterial ecosystem of our skin has a hugely important protective role which is often threatened by environmental factors like stress. They also have an increased positive effect on the subdermal layers because the composition is easily and readily absorbed by the body – meaning conditions like acne, rosacea an eczema can be calmed. Winning, right?

Lusting after inspo from afar? The rise in Korean beauty is definitely not something to miss, as they have a refreshing approach to skincare that might just change your life! Think innovation, gentle ingredients, pleasing packaging…

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Hydration Heroes

Good skin is mainly down to the way we fuel our body – we often don’t get the recommended level of water nor vitamins into our diets, and with hormones also affecting the balance, it sometimes feels impossible to avoid blemishes. Altering your routine according to the season is vital in order to make sure your body is happy from the inside out. As well as upping your fluid intake, incorporating additional supplements into your diet can really help you to get the glow all year round!

Color Creative

Pastels are back and we have a new way to wear them! Experimenting with your eyeliner is a sure fire way to shake up your spring makeup look – seen on the catwalks such as Oscar de la Renta, this trend is something which suits all. It’s subtle, using a normal first-rate cat eye with a 21st century twist. Offset an ‘eye-framing’ black flick and then mark the outer corners of the lids with a pastel shade that compliments your eye color, be it lavender, bubblegum, copper or green…

Shake up your Scent!

Now could be the time to switch up your fragrance wardrobe – take a break from your usual fragrance and opt for another category from the Olfactory, be it from floral to oriental or mixing it up to musk, changing your scent can bring a whole new found confidence!


Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

MakeUp, Skin and Hair Tips

Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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