Beauty on a Budget

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It’s a common thesis that expensive products are the best buys, however cosmetics don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. From ridding yourself of puffy eyes to getting shiny hair and a flawless complexion, beautypress knows the best products that will make you look gorgeous while your pockets stay full!

Minimize your pores, maximize your glow!
Even though it’s unfair but as time goes by, genetics and age cause large pores, but clogged debris makes them worse and even more visible. It’s time to fight the signs of premature skin aging primarily caused by environmental influences by using a cleanser with salicylic acid to exfoliate skin and remove excess oil and dirt.

Move on applying a moisturizer to prevent your skin from dehydration, and you’re ready for some makeup. From liquid solutions to vibrant powder palettes, color correctors have become a must-have tool in everyone’s makeup bag.

Lavender hues help normalizing the complexion, whereas green reduces redness, yellow fights under-eye circles, and white works best to set highlights when contouring the skin.

Once you’re done with the foundation, revive your glow and brighten up your look with a pop of color. Choose a shade of blush that matches the color of your cheeks when you’re naturally flushed. (Powders make skin look drier; creams leave a dewy glow.) Apply some of it to your cheekbones, then blend with your fingers in small, circular motions. beautypress’ tip: Depending on your skin type and look you want to achieve, powders tend to make the skin look drier, whereas creams set a dewy glow.

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Boost your lashes and eye makeup
To create a soft, curvy swoop, first bring your lashes into shape with a curler for a few seconds (make sure not to do it too harshly, and always before applying mascara as it otherwise leads to lash breakage). Apply a light coat of mascara, moving the wand from side to side while you brush it on. Before trashing an old tube of mascara, rather wash it off and use that wand to separate and de-clump your lashes.

Matching your eye shadow to your eye color isn’t always the easiest choice. Instead, go for contrasting shades: gold for brown eyes, violet for green eyes, bronze for blue eyes. All-in-one eye shadow palettes are the “universal weapon” to create effortless looks without having to think about matching/contrasting colors or great looks – since they often include how-to’s. Create a look that fits your mood and plans: Be it natural, playful or dramatic – it’s up to you!

Don’t forget about your eyebrows for a stunning look: Keep them tame at all times with a special brow gel/mascara that defines and keeps the small hairs in place. .

Healthy hair
When it comes to oir hair care, everyone is looking for some products that won’t break the bank. Now it’s time for drugstore hair care products to get the recognition they deserve. Whether you have short or long, colored, curly, frizzy or straight hair, take a look at our salon-worthy and budget-friendly products that will tame, de-frizz and protect your hair!


Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

MakeUp, Skin and Hair Tips

Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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