Beautiful Style at Any Size

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Would you be surprised to know that in my process for personal style, your size is just data we collect along with many other data points? It’s not a barrier; it’s just an element.

You can find great pieces in your size once you know what you’re seeking and where to look. It’s true that there is more on offer for women in the middle size range — but more choices can actually be an issue itself.

Beautiful Style at Any Size

You Can Be Beautiful At Any Size

Many women cite body size as the reason they cannot embrace personal style.

However, this is an excuse — not a reason. It is absolutely possible to embrace your personal style regardless of your body size. In fact, I posit that having great personal style helps you achieve your healthy living goals!

Why? Because when you create a personal style you love, you make feeling good about how you look your everyday reality.

Yes — you read that right. Once feeling good about how you look happens everyday, you can focus on changing your habits to achieve your health goals precisely because you already feel good!

Beautiful Style at Any Size

Common Client Issue: “I feel sensitive about my belly.”

Many of my clients feel sensitive about their belly area. Perhaps this is true for you, too.

You may be someone who has always struggled with your weight. It may be that your body changed due to becoming a Mom or your metabolism has slowed down. No matter how well your body is working or what other elements about it are beautiful, you may only see your belly.

I used to be the same.

Here’s the thing: your belly is part of you. It may not be your favorite part, but you are human and you have flaws. It’s okay to be sensitive about this area of your body.

Your belly does not need to define how you feel about your body as a whole.

Even though I am injured and am definitely not fit, I am proud of my body for how well it is working. I am able to get around for the most part despite my knee injury. I am able to work, hug my loved ones and do many of my favorite things.

How We Solve It:

These tips are for women, but men can use the top three as well:

  • Create a waist by wearing a tailored jacket, but respect your belly by wearing an untucked top
  • Try high-waisted jeans or trousers to pull in the belly and create a smooth line
  • Wear tops (or dresses) with shaping at the waist to trick the eye into seeing a waistline
  • Layer a belt or self-tie at the waist to distract from your pooch

Tailored Jacket Over Untucked Top:

The jacket points to the waist here either highlighting or creating a waist to balance your shoulders and/or hips. The loose or untucked top underneath keeps the line even, ending the proportions at your hips for a pleasing and balanced look.

Beautiful Style at Any Size

High-Waisted Jeans or Trousers:

If you have belly issues, I highly recommend this brand: Not Your Daughter’s Jean. They have a particular construction that smooths the belly and lifts the bum to make you look and feel gorgeous! Truth: they are the only jeans I wear.

Beautiful Style at Any Size

Shaped Top or Dresses:

Using a faux-wrap or set-in waistband can create or highlight a waist, which hides your belly issues. With a little extra fabric layered over the belly, you have extra coverage to feel more comfortable. The v-neckline draws the eye away from the waist and towards your face, while simultaneously tricking the eye into seeing an hourglass shape. Cool, huh?

Beautiful Style at Any Size
Layer a Belt or Use a Self-Tie:

Layer a Belt or Use a Self-Tie:

Employing a belt or self-tie seems counter-intuitive with belly issues, but can actually serve to distract from the belly itself. The self-tie will sit on top of the belly, so you don’t actually see the curve and the belt at the waist sits just above the belly, so the flare of the skirt provides coverage. This takes some confidence, so may be a tactic you need to work up to if it feels daring right now!

Beautiful Style at Any Size

Try It Yourself!

Above are some of the simple and easy tactics I use with clients (and on myself) to deal with belly sensitivity issues. There are many elements, tricks and tactics we can employ to help you look and feel your best every single day — these are just a few. Try them and see if they work for you!

Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach. Through her unique formula, she helps you create a personal style you can inhabit with ease.  She is a global nomad who currently lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband, two kids and a sweet Dutch bunny.  Would you like to learn more about how to create your personal style and inhabit it with ease? Sign up today to receive your Personal Style Starter Series


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  1. Debchase says:

    Truely helpful post on fashion for for people who are not size 6.

  2. Alicia Moss says:

    excellent tips. I will use them. Thank you.

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