Bathing Bliss

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Bathing Bliss

There are few better sensations than that of sliding into a steaming bath at the end of an exhausting winter night…and this autumn we’re shaking things up a little by offering you a multi-tasking bathing solution. No excuses, treat yourself!

Salt IS good for you!

There’s no better way to get your bath running than a good pinch of salt – many products contain natural minerals which absorb easily into our pores – the combo of hot water and salt is a sure-fire way to cleanse, detoxify and improve the condition of your skin. Bath salts infused with essential oils such as lavender or chamomile will soothe you and prepare you for a good night’s sleep; if you take your bath first thing in the morning, bath salts infused with citrus or green tea essential oils will perk you up, so you can start the day with focus and energy. The best part: you can enjoy the benefits of bath salts without any side effects. In addition, bath salts are safe for everyone, easy to use, and very affordable. What are you waiting for?

Scrub a dub

Body scrubs are the perfect complement to bath salts! Using a body scrub regularly will help make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. The removal of dead skin cells as a result of exfoliation with a mild body scrub extend to moisturizing as it allows for the easy absorption of a skin moisturizer into the healthy skin. For best results, use a mitt in circular motions and really focus on areas where skin dries out the most – elbows, knees…


Utilize your bath time to focus on all areas of the body – the steam from the bath will help open up facial pores and your hair cuticles – win! So why not work a hair mask in whilst you’re doing your bath thing? Apply evenly running your fingers through from top to tip and cover with a shower cap to avoid the any drips. Genius right? Then apply your face mask generously – it’s best to apply this one towards the end of your bath as the water temperature won’t be as hot so the steam won’t impede from your mask doing its thing.

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Shave away

Bath time is a great time to shave your legs – once scrubbed and exfoliated you can carefully start to remove unwanted hair with ease. Unlike with showers where you feel in a rush to get it over with, bath tubs make for the ideal environment to shave – the steam opens your pores and you’re lying down to actually see what you’re doing. No more cuts, just a recreation of the meme ‘I am smooth and perfect. I am sleek. I am the dolphin!’

Post-bath Bliss

Once you’re all bathed-out and want to get out, make sure you have a nice fluffy towel on hand – pat away rather than rubbing your skin dry and slather on an intensive moisturizer straight away whilst the pores are still open. Same goes for hair – any argan or macademia oil should be applied instantly after towelling off to make sure the nutrients are well absorbed. Don’t forget about your hands and feet which often need extra moisture after a hot, steamy bath.

Et voila – a productive yet chilled bath experience and your skin is more than ready for those bitter winter days!

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Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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Various experts are here to the rescues – with makeup tips, skincare advice, and help for our hair.

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