Are there treasures in your closet?

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Great news.

We have places to go and things to do and oh my, it feels great!

Women are ready to wear new outfits, and ditch their boring stay at home go-to outfits.

So, you’re likely thinking it’s time to go shopping, right?

Well, hold on. Shopping might not even be needed, because you likely already own things that can be stylish and fun to wear, but you might not even know it.

This means you can look great and save money!

All you have to do is look at what you already have because you likely already own a lot of clothes, it’s just that you don’t wear most of them.

I’m not saying don’t buy new clothes, but before you do, take a look at the clothes and accessories you already have.

With the average American household having 130 outfits in their closet, it can be easy to just keep adding more and more items to that collection yet still say, “I have nothing to wear.” Proof, that buying more typically isn’t the solution.

You need to dig in and find the hidden treasures in your closet, drawers, and boxes. I mean, blow the dust off those boxes of necklaces and earrings you’ve had for decades, plus those clothes towards the back of your closet.

Pull out those clothes you’ve forgotten you own, and you’ll be surprised at the pieces you’ve ignored that you can wear right now, and have fun wearing.

One of my clients has a wedding to attend, and wanted me to find her a the perfect dress, and I did right in her closet. It was a cocktail dress she hadn’t remembered she had, and after almost 2 years of not going out, it was no wonder she forgot all about it.

Recently, for another client I was creating a new outfit, and felt the necklaces she showed me were not what I needed to make her outfit Scarlett-fied.

Then she remembered a box filled with long-forgotten necklaces, and eureka..there it was.  A necklace she’s had for years and totally forgot about. It was colorful, fun, and perfect for her new outfit.

What box, drawer, or closet door can you open up and look for some treasures too?

Use my free tips here to show you which clothes in your closet should stay or go, and help you get started on finding the hidden treasures hiding in your closet too.



  • Scarlett De Bease

    Scarlett De Bease is a personal wardrobe stylist who shows women women how to stop stressing about dressing and feel more confident when they walk into a room. She guides her clients virtually and in-person to create their own unique signature style, feel fearless and confident to be seen and heard, and excited to put themselves out to the world in a way that is game-changing. From creating outfits with what you already own, to taking you shopping in person or virtually, Scarlett uses her creativity and compassion to help women of all shapes, sizes, and ages go from feeling insecure and frumpy to confident, successful, and stylish. She takes boring outfits and turns them into “oh hell yeah, look at me outfits” while making her clients feel great about themselves. As the founder of Scarlett Image Consulting and author of Stop Stressing About Dressing, her one-of-a-kind in-person and worldwide online workshops reveal how a more powerful presence leads to more opportunities and more profit. You can find out more about Scarlett at

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