7 Style Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Summer—Without Showing More Skin Than You’d Like

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By Marla Tomazin

Now that summer is in full swing, the heat is on and pant legs, sleeves, and hemlines everywhere are rolling up! However, the season of plunging necklines and teeny bikinis may make some people feel anxious about exposing more skin than they’re comfortable with. But good news! Although the mercury is rising, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style (or venture outside your comfort zone) in the name of staying cool. You can still feel great while staying covered and looking beautiful.

Here’s where to find these items:7 Style Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Summer—Without Showing More Skin Than You’d Like

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Read on for seven tips that will help you beat the heat and look great all summer long.

Stay cool in a column of white. Darker colors attract heat in the sun so if you really want to stay cool, consider dressing in a column of all-white. This look is timeless and chic and couldn’t be easier to pull off. Column dressing, which means only wearing one color all over, naturally makes you look taller and thinner—plus the light color will stay cooler than darker shades. Try pairing a white tank or t-shirt with a white skirt, pant, or short. If you feel like you want to keep your arms covered, try a sheer blouse on top, or a lightweight cotton or linen jacket with a tank underneath.

Shrug off the heat. Fretting over overexposed arms? Don’t worry, you can still stay cool without going sleeveless, even in the worst heat. Add a lace or knit bolero to give yourself some coverage over a tiny tank top or sleeveless dress. It will give you the confidence you crave without feeling heavy or hot. Shrugs can also help keep you comfortable on cooler summer evenings and around ocean breezes.

Bask in a beautiful bathing suit. As each new summer rolls around, take stock of your swimsuits and get rid of the ones that no longer work for you. There are beautiful suits available for every age level, so be sure to assess your current figure, age, and stage in life before you choose your suit or go shopping. Find one that has great paneling and support features that will make you look your very best. And be sure to add a cover-up for lounging poolside or barbecuing on the beach. A scarf wrap nicely accentuates your hips and legs, and you can’t go wrong with a maxi-style dress or a long flowing skirt.

Find flattering shorts. Legs are a common problem area, so lots of women may feel that they shouldn’t wear shorts in the summer. But you can still get coverage without sweltering in long pants all season long; just play with the length! A higher inseam lets your lower legs shine, so choose crops, capris, or longer Bermuda shorts to keep your cool. And remember, you are dressing for your own comfort and happiness, so wear whatever makes you feel good!

Be breezy in an easy skirt. Shorts aren’t the only way to cool off this season. Invest in some swishy skirts in lightweight, breathable fabrics. You will feel just as comfortable, but be a little more covered and also slightly dressier. Try a knee-length skirt or longer for a flattering silhouette.

Top it all off with a hat. Hats are essential summer gear because they shield you from the heat and protect your face from sunburn. And since there are many styles available, you can nearly always find a hat that looks great on you and reflects your unique personality. Right now, I’m loving floppy hats for the beach and the pool, but a sleek fedora would look great for a day on the town. And a playful baseball cap is the perfect touch for taking a walk in the park or frolicking in the great outdoors.

Free your feet. After months of being hidden away in boots, it’s finally time for your feet to take center stage. Comfortable sandals, wedges, and open toe shoes are optimal for keeping you cool and stylish (and for showing off your pedicure!) Consider wearing a slight heel or a wedge to lengthen and slim your legs.

This summer, as you’re getting dressed each day, think about how your outfit makes you feel. No one wants to wear clothes that make them feel exposed or vulnerable. On the other hand, when you wear a great outfit that reflects who you are, it translates into a great day. Trust your instincts and find ways to work with your style, so you can let the sunshine in all summer long without getting burnt out by the heat.


MarlaHeadshotMarla Tomazin, Certified Image Consultant, established her image consulting business in 1990 with the goal of helping clients identify an authentic image and develop its effective expression. Marla utilizes her abilities in evaluating body shape, movement, and coloring as well as synthesizing optimal cuts, lines, colors, and textures. This results in balance and proportion that accentuate attributes and conceal flaws. Marla has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations and programs. Visit www.marlatomazin.com.




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