7 Steps to an Organized Closet Filled with ‘Something to Wear’

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Fall is a great time to get some control of all the clothes taking up way too much space in your closet(s) and mind. You might even know someone who stares into her over-stuffed closet and utters these dreaded words: “I have nothing to wear.” Dare I guess you’ve blurted out those words once or twice yourself, and you like MANY others, have a lot, and I mean a lot of clothes.

So, how would you like to have a closet filled only with clothes that fit and flatter you, and actually do have something to wear?  Assuming you said yes, and why wouldn’t you, start with these simple steps to get out the pieces that are keeping you from actually seeing the clothes you can wear now.

There truly are endless possibilities hiding in your closet and drawers just waiting to be discovered by you, so take about 1 to 2 hours to step into your bedroom, lock the door, grab a cup of coffee, or perhaps a cocktail and open the doors and drawers that hold your clothes.

It is time to get personal. Get ready to really know your clothes, accessories, and shoes.  Here are some tips to help you clean out your closet without making a mess, and when you’re done you really should something to wear.

  1. Label five bags as follow: Donate, Repair, Toss, Clean, and Consign.
  2. Anything with holes or permanent stains beyond repair, needs to be tossed. If something can be repaired or needs cleaning, place it in the appropriate bag. No more excuses.
  3. If you wouldn’t want to bump into someone you know while wearing one of your pieces, then please place put in the donate bag or make a small section for what you’d wear to garden, paint, or do deep house cleaning.
  4. If you wore it in the ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s toss or donate, depending upon its condition. However, true vintage can be consigned or sold. Only keep the pieces that bring a smile to your face, and store them in another closet to make rom for your real-life wardrobe needs..
  5. Any item that hasn’t fit you for 3 or more years, should be donated or consigned. If you can’t bare to part with it, or it’s for dressier events, put them in another closet.
  6. Now start trying on what is left and be honest. If it fits, makes you look and feel great, keep it. If not donate or consign. Definitely consign the pieces that still have the price tags attached that you regret you bought, because you’re losing money if you don’t. Never put off looking great right now in the hopes of losing weight. Only have the clothes that fit, in your main closet.
  7. Take the remaining clothes and hang them all with the hanger facing out.  As you wear an item, if you love it, rehang it facing in. Anything left at the end of a season facing the wrong way needs to be reviewed using the above steps.

Voila, you will now have a closet no longer stuffed with “Nothing To Wear,” but actually more to wear because now you’ll only have the clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself in your main closet, which makes it much easier to see what you have for putting together new outfits.

Note: With the money you’ll earn from the consigned clothes you can buy pieces that will complete your wardrobe and feel attractive and confident for any occasion on your calendar.

You might be thinking, I have no idea what looks good on me anymore. If that’s you, I invite you to a complimentary *How To Dress With Confidence 30-minute call, where I will help you identify what’s keeping you from knowing what to wear, and how to fix it and trust me, it has noting to do with weight.

Book your call here, and bring one or 2 pieces from your closet you’d love my feedback on, and let’s get you going from having nothing to wear to actually knowing what is and isn’t perfect for you.

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  • Scarlett De Bease

    Scarlett De Bease is a personal wardrobe stylist who shows women women how to stop stressing about dressing and feel more confident when they walk into a room. She guides her clients virtually and in-person to create their own unique signature style, feel fearless and confident to be seen and heard, and excited to put themselves out to the world in a way that is game-changing. From creating outfits with what you already own, to taking you shopping in person or virtually, Scarlett uses her creativity and compassion to help women of all shapes, sizes, and ages go from feeling insecure and frumpy to confident, successful, and stylish. She takes boring outfits and turns them into “oh hell yeah, look at me outfits” while making her clients feel great about themselves. As the founder of Scarlett Image Consulting and author of Stop Stressing About Dressing, her one-of-a-kind in-person and worldwide online workshops reveal how a more powerful presence leads to more opportunities and more profit. You can find out more about Scarlett at ScarlettImage.com

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