7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut

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by Allison Hamilton-Rohe, Daily Out

Are you stuck in a style rut?

Even before COVID, many of you were telling me you felt uninspired by your style (even using that dreaded word, “frumpy!”).

Over the past season, I put together a series of blog posts to help you get out of that style rut.  Of course, I offer more support, teaching and accountability in my group or 1:1 programs, but this should get you started!

Let me walk you through these 7 powerful strategies to turn your personal style into your superpower.

Create Your Vision

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

While most stylists start with cleaning out your closet, I start with your vision.

How do you look when you show up as your most powerful and authentic self? I’m guessing you have no idea.  Most people don’t.  And that’s okay — that’s why I’m here.

My style formula puts together all the essential elements for making personal style creation easy.

For more on the importance of your vision, check out Huge Gift:  Your Most Powerful and Authentic Self.  To learn more about my process, click here.

Transition Your Wardrobe

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut
Photo by EVG, Pexels.com

Now is a great time to transition your wardrobe for the season — if you haven’t already!  The best thing about moving your clothes out of sight and into storage is it gives everything a new perspective.

Pull all your clothing items out of storage for the season and put away the items from last season.  Take this moment to care for items that may be damaged.

For example, if a moth ate your sweater, take it to the dry-cleaner!  Get it cleaned in case there are any moth eggs still on the sweater, then ask for the hole to be repaired.  Use the opportunity to buy protective bags for your clothing to keep the moths at bay.

Want to see how I do it?  Check out A Sneak Peak Into My Closet

Organize Your Looks Into Outfits

snow leopard jacket
My outfit hung and ready to go!

Once you’ve curated your pieces, you can start to organize them into looks.

Take a chunk of time in the evening or on the weekend to do this or you can do it daily — whichever works best for you.  I like to lay my outfits out before I take my shower, which sets my intention for the day.

Create looks easily by using the power of three.  A jacket, fun shoes, pattern, color-blocking or accessories all count as a third element for your standard top + bottom.  As you can see with the look above, I’m employing all the tactics!

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut

For more on this, check out How to Create Unique Looks Quickly

Edit and Curate Your Closet

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut

As you transition your seasonal clothing, you can take the opportunity to edit and curate your closet.

Listen to your body as you pull your “new” clothing out of storage or take it out of the wardrobe to put it away.

For example, if you’re excited to put away those great wool pants and gorgeous jackets from last season because they remind you of all the powerful meetings you had or amazing networking you were able to do, that’s a good indication that you’ll want to keep those pieces for next season.

Want an insider’s perspective on curating your wardrobe?  I’ve got you:  click here.

Work In a New Trend

One of the best ways to get out of a style rut is to look at the current trends that appeal to you.

One trend that might fit your needs is the tie-front wide-leg trouser.  It’s comfy, lightweight and flattering all at the same time.

For example, try the cute look I’ve laid out for you above!

Would you love to purchase this look?  Click on the look above to purchase or click here.  I can also make you one of your own!

Show Up As Yourself

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut
Photo by Allie on Unsplash

For those of you lucky enough to be able to work from home, I look at this time as an opportunity for you to try out new versions of yourself.

Experiment with the looks you’ve created to see which truly align with your authentic self.

For example, unfettered by the need to wear heels or straight skirts, you may be finding yourself reaching for your softer side — flowing knits, comfy pants and (possibly) no shoes at all.

Are you still struggling with Zoom or want to up your online game?  I’ve been working from home for years, so  here are some tips.

Dress With Intention

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut
Photo by Les Triconautes on Unsplash

Putting it all together, you get to choose a coherent look that feels comfortable yet amplifies the best of who you are.

When you focus each day on what you can control, you can mitigate your negative feelings and amplify the positive ones by choosing colors, cuts, fabrications and patterns that lift you up rather than stress you out.

For example, just the simple act of looking at these fun striped socks in a bright color can lift your mood.  Instantly, you feel relaxed and at ease.

Curious how to attract more of what you want into your life? Click here.

Release Your Pieces

7 Powerful Strategies To Get Out of A Style Rut
Photo by Krisztina Crane

Finally, once you’ve gone through these powerful steps to get out of your style rut, it’s important to let the pieces that are no longer serving you go!  Someone else may be able to use them.

As Marie Kondo suggests, thank the pieces for what they’ve taught you, then give them away.

For example, the piece I’m putting in the trash bag above was a sweater that just didn’t hang right on me.  No matter how I styled it, it was unflattering and had to go.  What did I learn?  Always style the piece when you first receive it and make sure it works!  Yes, even stylists have to re-learn lessons.

Need more support on letting go of your items?  Click here.

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