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We have four books to recommend today.  Two heart-warming novels, No Place I’d Rather Be and Strings a Love Story. A book of quotes, Beautifully Said, by remarkable women (a perfect gift), and This Chair Rocks, a lively, funny, and serious look that will change how you think about aging.

Another Wonderful Cathy Lamb Novel

The 3T Book ShelfNo Place I’d Rather Be is Cathy Lamb’s 12th novel, and we’ve read just about everyone. Here novels have rich characters, strong women, always a handsome and sexy love interest, and also have family and friendships at the core.  Here latest novel is no exception. Food, family, and secrets combine in Cathy Lamb’s emotional and deeply honest novel as one woman discovers the recipes and life lessons that have shaped her family’s past, and could guide her toward a second chance at happiness. We devoured every page. Get it now on Amazon.

A Love Story for Romantics

The 3T Book ShelfRemember your first love? In Megan Edwards beautifully written novel, Strings A Love Story, Ted and Olivia first meet and fall in love in boarding school. When  Olivia the daughter of a housekeeper meets Ted’s wealthy family she feels she’ll never belong in his world and sends Ted off to Julliard, thinking she no longer loves him, to pursue his dreams of becoming a concert violinist. Their unrequited loves spans four decades – a love that was “a symphony: perfect, sweet, unfinished…” We loved it. Get it on Amazon.

Dispelling the Myths of Aging

The 3T Book ShelfYou know Ashton Applewhite is onto sometime about aegism when (despite the fact that is a highly regarded writer and has published other books), she couldn’t find a publisher who would publish a book on ageism. “Too depressing, not marketable” were some of the comments she got.  So she self-published, and let me tell you, This Chair Rocks is fun, witty, smart, well researched and will dispel a lot of your fears about growing older as she debunks a lot of the myths about aging that keep us awake at night.  She reminds us that aging is natural. Get it now on Amazon.

The Perfect Gift for All the Women and Girls in Your Life

The 3T Book ShelfBeautifully Said is a collection a collection of over 100 quotes from famous, successful, and strong women designed to make you thibnk.  Some are women you would expect to be quoted, and some are unexpected and delightful surprises. You’ll find quotes from classic icons Eleanor Roosevelt, Ella Fitzgerald and Audrey Hepburn; contemporary sheroes Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Amy Poehler and Malala Yousafzai; plus, noteworthy up-and-comers…an Everest-climbing mountaineer, a space archeologist, an eco-jewelry designer and a crowdfunding pioneer.  It’s a perfect inspirational gift. Get it at Amazon.


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