31 Home Decorating Ideas

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This is a great from HGTV’s Joanna Gaines with 31 excellent home decorating ideas.

When selecting finishes, I suggests choosing metal finishes that will patina over time. Hardware is one of the smaller details that can be overlooked during a remodel or refresh, but it can be so impactful in a space. Choose finishes that are warmer and that will patina over time. We usually opt for simple, clean and timeless hardware for our cabinetry. Choose hardware that complements the other design elements in the space like light fixtures and bathroom trim kits. Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Polished nickel and unlacquered brass look beautiful paired together because they are warmer metals. It gives a space dimension when you’re intentional with the things you mix. Nothing says custom like a different base condition on your cabinetry. Inset shaker style cabinetry with feet or baseboard instantly adds timeless charm to any kitchen, mudroom or bathroom. When designing cabinetry in an older home, stay true to styles that are classic and pair with simple hardware.

With timeless touches, finishes and details your home will never feel out of style. Vintage textiles can be found all over Etsy in an array of colors and types. You can repurpose them as window treatments, you can frame them as art or even have them made into pillows. We source vintage Kantha quilts and other types of blankets and quilts frequently to add dimension and layers to a space. Natural patinaed pieces are almost impossible to imitate because they have been telling stories longer than most of us have been around. Mixing heirloom pieces with new modern-day items while truly honing in and curating things that reflect you and your life are what make a house a home, especially an older home. Heirloom pieces always accompany a story and, after all, so does your older home.

When designing older homes, we always default to natural stone that will naturally age with the home and the people within it. Stone that is native to your area is time appropriate for older homes when other man-made materials were not available. With the modern advances made within the industry, the dupes are getting better and better, but nothing quite looks or feels like natural stone in an older home. Painting the bottom of your clawfoot cast iron tub is such an easy and inexpensive way to add a dash of color and spruce up any bathroom with little commitment.

Corbels were originally used as a structural element in traditional architecture and are widely used in bespoke cabinetry to add charm and character. Use corbels for a mantle above the range, shelves or even under the outlying edge of the upper cabinets to add interest and character in an older home. Not only can tongue and groove be a more inexpensive option to tile, it can also be a beautiful installment in an older home. Instead of defaulting to tile for a backsplash, take familiar elements from your home and translate that to the backsplash. If your home has millwork, think of adding tongue and groove as your backsplash and paint it the color of your cabinets or even a contrasting color to add depth and charm. The look of tongue and groove comes in many different sizes and price points. Whether it’s a sheet of beadboard or the original tongue and groove that is installed piece by piece, millwork can elevate any space and make it feel like it’s been there since the home was built.

If you want to pack a huge punch for a small amount of money, explore the spaces that often get overlooked because they’re small. Powder rooms, pantries, laundry rooms, foyers and mudrooms are great places to start. With small spaces you can lean into that funky wallpaper, the hardware that’s a little pricier and possibly refinish items that were original to the home.

Older homes typically have an extensive amount of millwork, usually very detailed depending on the time period. We normally keep stained wooden trim original, but if the millwork has already been painted, contrasting trim can bring attention to the millwork while the walls can be a softer tone to enhance the hierarchy of detail.

From entertaining, to creative uses for everyday household items, you’ll find a wide range of experts and guests with great suggestions.

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From entertaining, to creative uses for everyday household items, you’ll find a wide range of experts and guests with great suggestions.

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