Win a Copy of the NO Diet Weight Loss Book

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We’re giving away 25 copies!

Win a Copy of the NO Diet Weight Loss Book

Thin is a State of Mind is like no other weight-loss book.  However, it is NOT a diet book. Instead, it shows how to achieve a mental state in which one can experience pleasure while pursuing disciplined eating.  It shows that relying on clenched teeth and “willpower” to take off unwanted pounds is exactly the wrong way to approach it and gives relatable advice and tips. Nancy Bryan, Ph.D is the author and the book is based on her own personal experience with dieting, read this article she wrote for the 3Ts, and research she has done. Nancy wants you all to succeed and is giving away 25 copies of her book.

Enter here to get a copy of the book.


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  1. Mary Johnston says:

    I Would LOVE to lose weight as I go through menopause!!

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