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A treasure. A gem. So attractive. So special. WICKWOOD INN is all that and then some.

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In beautiful and charming Saugatuck Michigan, WICKWOOD INN is a must to visit. I had not heard of Saugatuck, but when my friend Julee told me she was purchasing The Wickwood Country Inn in Saugatuck, I brain-filed the info because I know that anything Julee does would only be superb and I must visit. You should too!

Smidgeon info on Julee. Julee Russo with then partner Sheila Lukins created the gourmet shop The Silver Palate in NYC. It was an absolute success along with their cookbook. The cookbook changed the way we all think and eat. Millions of copies have been sold and then there were more cookbooks. When Julee and I met it was instant friendship. A lot of happenings in all our lives have transpired. Julee and Bill Miller [a Saugatuck native] met and were married and thus started a pairing of fantastic proportions. It was meant to be, as Bill, a builder had known Julee years before and then they just happened to meet again. Bill was visiting Julee’s mother [who lived in Saugatuck] Julee was there and the romance-sparks flew and shortly united and thus it all began.


Julee decided to sell in NYC and move full time to Saugatuck. Julee is not one to just sit around. As luck would have it, they were able to purchase from neighbors the first B&B in Saugatuck – The Wickwood Inn. 11 rooms, 11 baths and a beautiful downstairs not to mention exquisite outdoor gardens. An absolutely perfect acquisition for the rather newly weds. Julee has fine tuned, decorated, tweaked and accessorized as only she can do. Perfect it is! Bill has made the gardens beautiful and a joy to behold.

Back to the review and thoughts. I was driving from Chicago to Saugatuck for a Julee experience and was full of excitement and anticipation. Getting out of Chicago [for a non resident] was yucky [there is another adjective but …!] Once out of the city I was cruising and enjoying the scenic drive. Stopped for gas and then I was suddenly in Douglas [pop.1,232] – which I learned is the sister city of Saugatuck [pop. 925]. There was a large antique shop and I had made such good time, I decided to stretch and look. Very nice and I did not buy a thing!

Back on the road and in a very short distance I was in Saugatuck, going through a charming tiny downtown. I suddenly see the sparkling, picture perfect WICKWOOD INN. For some reason immediately I could see why this Inn has been awarded the 2014 Certificate of Excellence and also one of America’s best B&B. Even from the outside it was oozing friendship and perfection.

As if planned, Bill was out checking the garden, greeted me, told me where to park and pointed to the front door and said “Julee is inside”. And so the perfect experience I had anticipated began and it was totally absolutely perfect.
It is easy to describe this masterpiece, but you might think I am writing in hyperboles –but I am not – and it would take pages, so a few more of my tidbits and then you are on your own. Do look it up.

Julee’s love and expertise of food is evident for breakfast, 6PM hor d’oeuvres and before bedtime special tiny treats. You will also find a tidbit in your room. Her wine selections and beverages are excellent. The ginger tea, lemonade, fruit juices are stocked in the refrigerator and are available 24/7 to guests.
Perfection is WICKWOOD INN. Go and enjoy.


  • Gerry Hempel Davis worked for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, was the youngest female in the control room of the Ed Sullivan Show, and was for several years a contributing lifestyle correspondent for The Today Show. She is the author of the authorized history of The Today Show as well as The Moving Experience. In recent years Gerry Davis has logged over 100,000 miles on America's highways and byways, stumbling upon sites that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. She’s written three books on her road trips including ROMANCING THE ROADS: A DRIVING DIVA’S FIRST HAND GUIDE: Vol I (East of the Mississippi) and Vol II (West of the Mississippi).

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