A Week in Europe with a Carry-on Bag

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Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag. WHAT??? Only a carry-on, you ask?

Yes, ONLY a carry-on. No suitcases to check in, and nervously wait for at the carousel. I want every minute to be used for touring, eating, and shopping.

I’ll be posting on my Scarlett Image FaceBook page, the different outfits I created using what I packed, including my comfy travel outfit.

Hey, I plan on sleeping while I fly, or at least try to, so comfort without wearing pj’s is very important to me.

Plus, I like to arrive NOT looking, like I stumbled out of bed.

Here is what I packed, and see the bundle after I folded all the clothes I’m taking.

Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On BagTwo Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag

Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On BagTwo Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag

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Here is what I packed:

1 dress
1 lightweight black loose topper
1 pair jean leggings
1 pair black leggings
1 pair harem style pants
1 black tank top
1 black 3/4 sleeve top
1 tunic
1 white shirt tunic (my husbands LOVES when I wear this top).
1 sleepless printed tops
1 large light weight black & cream scarf that can double as a wrap.
2 pairs earrings
1 silver necklace
2 lightweight fabric necklaces
1 watch
3 pairs sandals
1 pair sneakers (not the going to the gym kind)

Note: I bring more pairs of shoes than some may need, as we do lots and lots of walking when in Europe and I need to wear a different pair each day, so as to avoid discomfort. I get cranky when my feet hurt.

To answer your question, yes I bring pj’s, underwear and toiletries.
I wash underwear and, if needed, my clothes in the bathroom sink. I only take fabrics that dry very quickly, so that by morning all is dry.

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  1. Where are all your toiletries, makeup, blow dryer, flat iron, etc.?

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